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MyxoMMOatosis: BunniBunni

Hullo! Still me. I've eaten most of Kieron now, and we're down to his increasingly manky looking torso. Well, I always like ribs, though they make my fingers messy. Lucky the room is covered in gore. He keeps on getting e-mails though, like one from Jack de Quidt who talks about BunniBunni, which has been all over the forum (Apparently. I don't really know what a forum is. The last forum I was at was when I emerged in the centre of Rome around 101AD and went on a blood-curdling rampage. Ah, those were the days). Anyway, I decided to have a play.

It's a game!

Are there many games about cute animals on islands, collecting fruit and similar? I hope so. The idea of cute bunny-wunnies bouncing around is such a wonderful fantasy. It's miles away from my own tedious existence of preying on weak mortals and eating them. SIGH! I especially like how when you buy things - because you're raising a settlement - they all follow you in a chain. I had great fun making a long chain of bunnies and leading them in a conga around my island. Bunny Conga! Bunny Conga! I also enjoyed romancing lady bunnies. I also enjoyed exploding Dear with bombs and the quiet brooding horror that undermins all existence. AND IN THE GAME!

(There's a special manual by the desk marked "The Ye Olde Games Journalist gag book", which I'm browsing through as I read this. Is the job really this easy? Just play games all day and insert some traditional gags. I'm in the wrong racket, it appears).

I found some moving pictures on the internet which show you what the game looks like.

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Oh - and you can also go and look around my island by following this link, apparently. Crikey. Anyway - back to the gnawing. Bye!

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