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Harry Cannon's Pipe Dreams, Plus Song!

It was weeks ago that Henrik Nåmark contacted me to tell me he'd made another song for an indie game, and because I'm a colossal idiot I've only just gotten around to telling you about it. Nåmark is responsible for one of our all-time favourite game songs, You Have To Burn The Rope. Later he released a song and video called Reload Press Play, which was also fantastic. His most recent audible appearance is on the compellingly silly Harry Cannon's Pipe Dreams.

The game may well be an advert for another game, but dammit it's just about ideal. It's a single button webgame in which you guide a fly through jaggedy corridors, avoiding obstacles and the walls lest you splat him to death. Your only interaction is to boost him upward, letting gravity take care of down and the game provide forward. Of course there's a lot of single button games on this theme, but somewhere between the simplicity and superb feel of control it really nails it for me. Accompanying Nåmark's song as a soundtrack is me sucking through my teeth in surprise at evading a splat, and then laughing out loud at my latest failed attempt.

The song, unsurprisingly, is fantastic. It's a relaxed, moody guitar piece, accompanied by some lovely percussion and even backing singers (who are possibly Nåmark too), telling the story of a man, Harry Cannon, and his karmic reincarnation as a fly. You can find out more at Nåmark's blog, and download the song from here.

The game it's advertising is the awesomely named Dirk Dagger and the Nuclear Zeppelin, which is released for N-Gage. My history books inform me that the N-Gage was something that existed until the iPhone was released, and then was never heard of again.

Here's Nåmark's showreel - everyone should give him money and jobs.

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And yes, I'm immediately finding out about the fourth game in that reel.

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