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Rage 2 gameplay trailer explodes out

Get ready to die

Bethesda Softworks have blasted a 'gameplay trailer' for Rage 2, following yesterday's terse announcement and unexpectedly colourful live-action music video doodad. This new vid is full of mutants, mechs, cars, guns, and giant throwable fidget spinners. The sequel to Id Software's 2011 post-apocalyptic FPS is drafting help from Avalanche Studios, the mob behind Mad Max and Just Cause, which is a curious and exciting pairing. Avalanche do explosive open-world spectacle well, Id do first-person violence well, and together they're making a game which looks a little something like this:

Sure, I'll do that violence.

Bethesda say that the game follows "Walker, the last Ranger of Vineland" as he shoots baddies across a post-apocalyptic open world which ranges from desert to swamp and jungle. I had to look it up because damned if I can remember what the first Rage's plot crumpled into, and yes, this is a different fella so I suppose we're carefully stepping around that abrupt ending rather than continuing straight on from it. Sounds like he has some cute tricks up his cybersleeves:

"Among the arrows he can choose from his Nanotrite ability quiver are the power to crush enemies into paste from above in a devastating slam attack or send them flying away from him with a lethal energy push. Walker will also learn to channel these Nanotrites into his weapons, pushing them into an awe-inspiring Overdrive, a unique skill that lets him push his guns beyond their limits and unleash absolute hell on his foes. Chain these abilities together to make Walker a powerhouse of destruction, quickly refilling his Overdrive meter. While in Overdrive, Walker's guns do more damage, they gain new attributes, enemies drop better rewards and Walker's health starts to regenerate. When timed correctly, Overdrive is more than enough to tip the scales in a tricky fight."

I am broadly in favour of games which reward us for doing cool ultraviolence. Also very much in favour of this cutlery-covered fella with bootgloves:

Rage 2 is slated to launch in spring 2019. Bethesda say they'll show more of it at E3 during their livestreamed conference-o-rama on Sunday, June 10 (though for us it's at 2:30am on the Monday).

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