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Rage 2 will be free on the Epic Games Store next week

Remember Rage 2? No, I almost forgot too

Remember Rage 2? No? Let's take a step back. Remember Rage at all? Well, the oft-forgotten sequel to Id Software's oft-forgotten FPS will be free to keep on the Epic Games Store next week, so maybe now enough people will play for it to stick in the collective memory. I actually heard some good things about Rage 2, an open-world affair made with Mad Max devs Avalanche, but they slipped out the ear fast enough that I was surprised to be reminded of its existence when it came up on Epic's freebie schedule.

Rage 2 leaned into the open-world aspects of the first, with a big and weird wasteland housing sidequests aplenty. The sequel gave us superhero powers too. Vidbud Matthew quite liked parts of it, for one:

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As did Matt Cox in our written Rage 2 review, also with some reservations.

"The parts I like far outweigh the parts I don't," he said. "I've got my weirdo NPCs, my Ark hunting, my Whoopinkoffs and Dimbledicks. I've found every Ark, now, but I still plan on gambolling between side activities."

I think it's that lukewarm 7/10 vibe which caused it to slip out my brain. But for free, and now that it's had a few content updates and removed Denuvo? Absolutely I will remember this time. I'm making a note. And posting this so you can also make a note.

Rage 2 will be available free for keepsies on the Epic Games Store from 4pm on Thursday the 18th through the 25th. Epic will also give away Absolute Drift, a pretty fun top-down racing game about refusing to drive forwards, during that period.

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