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Have You Played... Rage 2?

Get ready to die

I have often related how, whilst covering E3 2018 from the UK, I was watching Bethesda's live show at some ungodly hour in the morning, having not slept for some days because of watching other live shows at ungodly hours in the morning, and suddenly Andrew W.K. happened.

He and his band absolutely crushing Ready To Die (Mr. W.K. proving he is indeed a very accomplished piano player in the process) whilst the camera kept cutting to Bethesda's visibly bemused live audience of tired journalists and industry investors and producers - one woman even has her mouth hanging open - broke something within me and I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe and nearly fell off my chair. And this was all because of Rage 2.

As evidenced in the video above, Rage 2 had the best trailer of any piece of media of all time. I'm pretty sure it still does. And its use of Ready To Die partially, though perhaps not fully, explains Andrew W.K.'s E3 '18 live show appearance.

Sadly, the actual game Rage 2 does not live up to the bright explosions of colour promised by the trailer. It's much more the monotone, muddy grey and brown sections. The multicoloured goons are an enemy faction, though, and I was slightly sad every time I cleared out a bunch of them blocking a road, or whatever. Like, man, you lot are clearly making the most of this post-apocalyptic lifestyle we have here.

Apart from that disappointment, Rage 2 is actually a solid, make-numbers-appear-from-enemies shooter. It's not going to win any Pulitzer prizes, but the guns are loud and fun and you feel like a super-soldier, and the big bladed boomerangs are a hoot n' a half to chuck around. You know what it is? It's a great podcast game. Whack on your favourite true crime pod or whatever, and simultaneously explode some heads. Job done. Irony ironised.

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