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Danny Dyer 'aving it large in Rage 2 voice pack


Cheeky cockney sparrow and beloved minor UK television celebrity Danny Dyer will 'ave it large in Rage 2 with a voiceover pack, Bethesda have announced. Which sure is a thing that's happening. God knows how they found out about the star of shows including EastEnders, Danny Dyer's Deadliest Men, and I Believe in UFOS, but I'm glad they did. The world should know. He's going full-on bolshy in Rage 2, asking people if they want some, warning people about their nut, advising baddies to sort it out, declaring people muppets, and generally cussing up a storm. As you would hope.

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Dyer's voice pack is one of the 'cheats' that will be in the rotating stock of the Wasteland Wizard, a fella who'll sell these 'cheats' for in-game currency (no premium microtransaction jazz). That's a touch more complex then typing iddqd to cheat but I suppose if modern technology allows us to put more wizards in games, we should have more wizards.

Other 'cheats' the wizard brings include instagib, a voice pack from the announcer of NBA Jam, an electric field zapping everyone near you, spawning a dickhead NPC to help you out... it's weird. Some of those are the sort of regular cheat you might expect from tapping in a code, while others are clearly more elaborate (and expensive-to-make!) oddities. I don't get why they're sold by an NPC with rotating stock. Though I'm sure on PC it won't be long before someone finds console commands or makes tools to enable these whenever you want.

Rage 2 is due to launch on May 14th, priced at £40/€60/$60. It's co-developed by Id Software and Avalanche Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. While it did once seem Rage 2 might follow in Fallout 76's footsteps and launch exclusively on Bethesda's own store, naw, they've dropped that idea and it is coming to Steam too.

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