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Rage 2's first DLC lets you telekinetically hurl ghosts

Rage, rage against ghosts

Rage 2's wasteland is riddled with ghosts, thanks to its first whack of DLC. Sadly, though, the rising ghosts in Rise Of The Ghosts are not spectral nasties, but a bandit clan from the first game. Someone has taken over and experimented on everyone until they've got superpowers though, so that's good.

More importantly, yesterday's DLC added a new Nanotripe ability that lets you telekinetically hurl people about like in Control. I am keen to do this in a videogame that is not Control.

Here they are, look.

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I'm not even convinced the new "void" ability is going to be that useful, when I can already create deadly vortexes, do massive ground slams and splatter people against walls just by raising up my palm to them. It doesn't matter though, because combat in Rage is as much about feeling cool as being efficient. Nabbing people and chucking them back at their friends is exactly my idea of a good time.

The DLC also adds a new area called the Overgrown City, a big laser gun, and the "ghost motorbike". It's just a normal motorbike, as far as I can tell, and I'll probably hop on it for two minutes before deciding to stick with my gyrocopter. I will have a go, though, on this and the DLC in general. As I go on about in my Rage 2 review, the combat is electric. One cool-looking ability and a few new missions is more than enough to tempt me back.

More info can be found on Bethesda's website.

Once you've got the main game from Steam, you have to buy the Rise Of The Ghosts DLC in-game for 1,500 rage coins, which is £12/$15.

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