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Rage 2 is free to keep via the Epic Games Store this week

Grab it between now and February 25th

When I read that Rage 2 was free to keep this week on the Epic Games Store, my first thought was, "Doom Eternal? But that just came out last year!". My brain forgot Rage 2 existed so thoroughly that it did an autocorrect for a different Id Software sequel.

That's probably unfair, because apparently Id's open-world collaboration with Just Cause developers Avalanche paid off, and Rage 2 is a pretty good game. If you've got an EGS account, or are willing to sign up for one, it's probably worth considering.

Here's what Matthew had to say about it when he played it back in 2019, finding it a jolly time.

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Rage 2 expanded on the first game's post-apocalyptic world in which most of the earth's population has been wiped out by asteroid. You roam among the leftovers of humanity in a dune buggy, pulping enemies with a shotgun and following simple and satsifying quests. It's not groundbreaking stuff, but it has Id Software's attention to detail in terms of how the shootybangs feel.

I didn't play it at release because I was put off by its try-hard attempts at a gonzo, Mad Max/Borderlands-style fiction. It might have been the first sentence of Matt's broadly positive Rage 2 review, in fact, which mentions Watson Whoopinkoff and Flitwick Mcdimbledick, two of the game's NPCs. It seemed like it would be loudly unfunny.

Now it's free, though? Suddenly a middling open-world with an above average shotgun feels like a great way to spend ten hours. Grab it on the Epic Games Store any time between now and February 25th at 4pm if you feel the same way.

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