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Earthfall's L4D-ish alien-blasting action arrives July 13


What if Left 4 Dead but aliens? Earthfall is what, a cooperative multiplayer first-person shooter about four peeps blasting across the Pacific Northwest and through hordes of aliens. It puts a little spin on the monstoblasting with deployable barricades and turrets but yep, mostly just shoot those nasties good. I've heard some encouraging things about Earthfall over its thirteen months in early access, and I fancy a look once it launches properly. That'll come on July 13th, developers Holospark announced today.

So, aliens! They're everywhere and they're naughty. You and up to three pals (or AI-controlled bots) will romp through levels, shooting aliens in the face(s?), nabbing weapons from 3D printers (the future!), and occasionally fortifying positions when a big rumble's brewing. It'll continue a story across two multi-level campaigns, and of course an L4D-y AI director oversees the action to spawn baddies and pitch challenges at the right level. Left 4 Dead but aliens, yeah?

Changes planned for the launch version include adding the rest of the second campaign, improving performance, and generally polishing. Player reviews on Steam already seem pretty positive though, if you want more L4D-y action - with guns, rather than the melee focus of Warhammer: Vermintide 2. Or if you want both. All of them. Survive all of the cooperative monstoblasts.

Earthfall will cost £30/€30/$30 at launch but is still £11 right now on Steam Early Access. That's a big jump, and those international currency conversions sound mighty cheeky.

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