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Seattle begins to recover in ambitious Fallout mod Cascadia

There's such a lot of world to see

The mod community is doing, what I think we can all agree on, better work in their fan expansions to the game Fallout 4 than maybe the game itself. We've seen so many great additions, including the recent mod to add Dead Space's plasma cutter and limb dismemberment -- two great tastes that taste great together! Now, we have a trailer for a long running mod that aims to bring the Fallout 4 to Seattle. And boy, does Fallout: Cascadia look great.

The team who has been plowing away at this is promising a whole lot of things: the return of the skill and dialogue systems from previous games, an 80 square kilometer map built from the ground up, and so much more. Kotaku has a great in-depth interview with members of the team about their vision for the game, and you should absolutely read it. Here was the most exciting part to me:

Whatever happens to Cascadia though, the current trailers and screenshots do a beautiful job of showing what a different sort of Fallout could look like. “In all of this greenery, the fate of the world still shines through, a skeleton in the dirt with roots climbing over it, the graffiti of the dying peering through some vines,” said Dr. Weird about the Cascadia’s post-apocalyptic Pacific Northwest. “The total destruction and annihilation of any and all constructs has always been clear in all of the Fallout games, instead we want to create an environment where you can wander into a area and forget what happened to the world for a little while while maintaining that ‘post apocalyptic’ feel we’ve all come to know and love.”

Couldn't have said it better myself, Dr. Weird. I want to see a Fallout with a glimer of ecological hope in it. That's way more exciting to me than where we've been. Why does the nuclear post-apocalypse have to be so DRAB!

Check out the trailer below:

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And here's a trailer from the one year production mark, which is equally great. I just adore how both of these really hit the tone and mood of actual Fallout marketing? I mean, no one put this much work in without knowing what they're doing, but this trailers really sell that They Know What They're Doing.

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If you're in the mood for another out of the ordinary Fallout experience, I highly recommend the strategy mod Old World Blues which we covered here. It feels like a Ludlum Dare 41 genre mash-up and I love it so.

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