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Video: How does Two Point Hospital compare to Theme Hospital?

20 CCs of nostalgia, stat!

Do no harm, goes the Hippocratic Oath. So it’s with trepidation that I approach Two Point Hospital, a spiritual successor to Theme Hospital that could all too easily do harm to fond childhood memories of Bullfrog’s heal ‘em up. Thankfully, Alec’s recent visit to these shiny new wards have put my mind at rest - it sounds like the team has successfully transplanted the heart of that game, but grafted on smart quality of life improvements (to muddle my medical metaphors). And now you can see it all in action in one handy video.

In his ten minute walkthrough, Dr Meer takes us from an empty husk of a building to a slightly less empty husk with some expensive equipment inside. He also hires a janitor who doubles as a ghostbuster. Ten minutes isn’t enough to get a mammoth hospital on the go, but you will see the construction of some lovely toilets and observe the drastic treatment of a man with a lightbulb for a head. In case you are new to the whole Theme Hospital thing: no, this is not a serious medical simulator.

For a game that is technically at alpha stage, Two Point Hospital is looking remarkably confident and slick. Alec raises a few concerns in his written preview - so do go peruse that, too - but for a general sense of how it’s holding together, just click that play button below. Do it if only to listen to the calming background music. If real hospitals sounded this good, I would probably injure myself more often.

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