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Playerunknown's Battlegrounds is going to War (mode, again)

Snuggly Plunks

I was just about to tell you how I'm looking forward to War mode, the (sorta) new event for Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. Then I got caught off guard by just how edgy and ridiculous it sounds to get excited about something with a double-barrelled reference to conflict in its name. It's a travesty that there's nothing else we could call it.

Warm Plunkbat is the imminent and temporary return of the team deathmatch mode from last month, which breaks from PUBG's traditional 'once you're gone you're gone' structure and lets you respawn. This time round though, it's played with ten teams of five and everyone starts with top-tier loot. I wasn't around for the last one, so I'm intrigued to see how Plunkbat plays when most of the tension of dying gets cut away. It kicks off at 3am, so if anyone's mega keen you'll only need to stay up for a few more hours.

When I say top-tier loot, I'm mean the tippiest of tops. You'll start with a random weapon from a care package (an AWM, M24, Mk14, M249, Groza, or AUG), along with a level three vest, a level three helmet and two grenades.

What else is different? The playzone has been embiggened a bit, though it'll still remain a consistent size and stay in one place throughout each match. Victory still goes to the team that first reaches 200 points (or the highest scoring after 15 minutes), and you earn 1 point for knocking someone down and 3 points for killing them. You no longer earn a point for a revive though, which seems a shame as I'd have thought that would encourage people to work together more, plus it lets people who aren't so hot at shooting still feel useful.

That said, I'm happy for PUBG Corp to keep experimenting with this stuff. Same goes for the broader weapon overhaul, part of Update 12 that landed last night.

This is actually my first chance to jump into an event since PUBG Corp started putting on these sideshows. Which has been the best so far, Plunkers?

War Mode: Desert Knights will start at 3am on Friday in the UK, which is actually 7pm today in the Pacific time zone. It'll run for 48 hours, ending at 3am on Monday in the UK/7pm Sunday for Pacific zoners.

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