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Bus Simulator 18's co-op multiplayer sounds delightful

I hate you Butler...

As much as I enjoy a lonely life on the road with my big rig in American Truck Simulator, I'm also well up for a spot of larking up with my pals in a different transport sim. Bus Simulator 18 is coming next month with four-player online cooperative bus-driving, and it sounds promising. Here, come watch this new trailer with a four-bus convoy taking up the whole road and trundling through town like the world's slowest hoons. You'll also see the greatest treat of video game trailers: people squirming and waving controllers as they pretend to play.

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My head, obviously, is filled with dreams of passing a pal and giving him the ol' bus driver wave. An announcement today explains, "While driving around the city they will not only be able to meet and see each other in real-time as well, but also change buses to get a lift with one of their colleagues or completely switch buses to complete the route of another bus driver." My local bus stop is a changeover stop on a number of routes, and I always enjoy the ritual.

The game also has one of those features I ache for in American Truck Simulator, to walk around "and go in search of the many secrets and sights hidden in the sprawling metropolis."

It's not all hooning around, mind. Bus Simulator 18 is a serious sim, with routes and laws to follow, as well as a management side including running routes, staffing, trying to make profits, and buying, selling, and upgrading buses.

Also, check out this excellent bullet on its feature list:

  • For a complete gaming experience, a variety of incidents in the bus, e.g. interior soiling and debris, special passenger requests, fare dodgers, loud music and cars parked in designated bus bays.

Heck yes.

Bus Simulator 18 is coming to Steam on June 13th, priced at £27/€30/$35. It's developed by Stillalive Studios and published by the German simheads at Astragon.

Don't confuse Bus Simulator 18 with Bus Driver Simulator 2018, which is already out. Though I certainly understand if you do confuse the two.

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