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Compound is a free retro VR shooter with tremendous potential

Five minutes of delight

"This is a cool thing I found," Dominic told our Slack channel. "But it probably doesn't meet the qualifications for a news hit on the site." I agreed. But then I watched the video and then I thought, "Yeah, it isn't exactly news. There haven't been updates on the game in a few months. But the people... the people should see the game." And I wasn't wrong. After all, a randomized rogue-lite free-roaming dungeon crawl based on 90s shooters -- which keeps the blocky graphics and bullet-hell elements alive -- well, I couldn't imagine anyone being upset about me taking some time to share that. Even if it seemed I was putting in a lot of effort to hit the minimum word count for the piece. The piece that I was writing. Trying to hit the minimum word count for that. Which brings us to Compound. Compound is the name of the game.

Compound is a tough-as-nails retro FPS with multiple locomotion options for Vive and Rift users. There's only a demo available right now, but it's free to play and a delightful five minutes. I think you'll see why:

That's just fantastic, right? It's a Duke Nukem 3D art-style game, fully realized in VR in such a way that it feels fresh but also alive. Like, the most exciting part for me is seeing the leans around the corner and the smooth transition from standing into kneeling -- but also some of those dives to avoid bullets makes me think that bullet-hell shooters in VR will be my ultimate work-out. It really makes me want to see Crusader: No Remorse remade in the same style.

The game's creator has a post apologizing for the slow stream of updates. Hi, Bevan McKechnie! We really want you to finish this game! We're all rooting for you!

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 3.19.51 PM

You can grab the latest version on itch.io and Steam (click that there demo box).


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