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Meet the boys of Shadow Of War's Desolation Of Mordor


A new cinematic trailer for the second (and final?) story expansion for Middle-earth: Shadow Of War introduces the brothers who'll stab orcs into a sandy new land. They're off to the land of Lithlad, which sounds like the name of an electro-powered superhero's sidekick. Here, watch the new Desolation Of Mordor trailer.

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They certainly seem more interesting than Johnny Stabman and his ghostpal Aiden. I'm up for their adventure.

WB explain a little more about the two and their trailer:

"The new video spotlights Baranor, the Captain of Minas Ithil, who has escaped the fallen city's demise and is now reunited with his lost brother, Serka. Together, the two warriors must hire an army of human mercenaries to combat a new Orc threat to the East, endure the harsh desert region of Lithlad and ultimately conquer the imposing Marauder fortress of Shindrâm."

As for what it's actually like, check out this recent dev livestream:

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Desolation of Mordor will arrive next Tuesday, May 8th, priced at £16 by itself or coming in the £20 story expansion pass or £33 full expansion pass.

Two months after that, in July, the game will remove its maligned paid lootboxes. The microtransactions made the game worse for all players whether they bought 'em or not, see, either irritating with their presence or seeing players skip over rivalries - one of the game's more interesting parts. A winning idea, those lootboxes.

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