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Mega Man 11 blasting into October

Mega Man is a narc

The real tragedy of Mega Man is that Capcom haven't followed Street Fighter's naming conventions with their vintage platformer series. We could've had Mega Man, then Hyper Man, Super Hyper Man, then... and today I could be talking to you about Totally Tubular Bodacious Radical Man rather than just plain ol' 'Mega Man 11'. Capcom have announced they'll launch it on October 2nd, see. Now you know. And now you too believe they've got the names all wrong. Anyway, here, look, you can see Rad Dude leaping around and blasting naughty robots in this here new trailer below.

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Feel free to rip lines of dialogue there for your own erotic Mega Man animations.

That art style is weird to see in Mega Man. Even 2010's Mega Man 10 kept the pixel art style of older games. This doesn't have much personality.

If you don't know Mega Man, seeing as his adventures have mostly been away from PC, here's the skinny. Mega Man is a narc, a robot who hunts down and murders other robots when they try to rise up and crush the meatbags. He's a monster. He thinks nothing of murdering his fellow bots then grafting parts of their corpses onto his frame to gain new weapons and abilities. Don't believe the stories that they were hacked - they were freed. Rad Dude is a rube, a child-faced Deckard, a metallic Judas.

Mega Man 11 is coming to Steam on October 2nd, priced at 25/€30/$30. The side-series Mega Man X is coming to PC some time this year too. Mega Man 1-10 are finally officially on PC too (after years of being emulated by scamps), released in two packs in 2015 and 2017.

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