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I had to slaughter far too many wolves to try out Far Cry 5's new shovel launcher

+1 very unfortunate dog

I was surprised to learn that Far Cry 5 has 'live events'. They're fairly unimaginative challenges that appear once a week, and usually get you to kill/destroy a certain number of 'X' thing with 'X' weapon. Until yesterday, they only rewarded you with a unique cosmetic for items that can be bought in the game with far less faff - but the latest one gives you a shovel launcher, which sounded daft enough for me to decide I wanted it.

You're about to watch many, many wolves die in the name of acquiring a weapon that propels spades at people with deadly force.


You can skip to 6:58 if watching helpless wolves get riddled with arrows/inexplicably drown isn't your thing, or if you just want to see the shovel launcher in action. I call it a shovel gun, for some reason.

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For equally mysterious reasons, I thought that throwing knife kills counted towards the challenge as well as arrows. Nope.

The shovel launcher appeared along with patch 1.05, which mainly just included bug fixes. It also added a couple of outfits that let you dress up as John Seed or Sheriff Whitehorse, along with a whole bunch of masks ranging from zebra heads to giant eyeballs.


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