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Free games of the week

Ninjas, knights and swordfish

From relaxing in a cute world full of flowers, to being a ninja relying on coffee to do their job - this week’s free games cover some interesting topics. Did you ever wonder what a world populated by potatoes would do if an asteroid was to strike? What if you, a potato with a super power, were their last hope? Maybe that's too much pressure and you’d rather just be a swordfish trying to survive inside your ocean by destroying other fish with your sharp face. If you are up for a challenge, you can try being a knight that can only attack in time to music - if the note isn’t hit, the music punishes you. Read on...

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Morning Mushrooms by Ebeth

Ever want to just relax? Wander around a cute environment, listening to calming music? In the stylish game Morning Mushrooms, you are encouraged to do just that. You don’t have any goals or any tasks to complete. Instead, you wander around, checking out adorable flowers and moving through areas of green fog.

The foliage moves slightly, giving it life as you move around. The game suggests grabbing a cup of warm tea while you play - the game only takes one hand, so you can sip your drink with the other. The world around you is quite small, but sometimes a small, easily discoverable place is all you want. Sit back, relax, and just enjoy the experience.

S W O R D F I S H by Dan Howard

For a little more action, you can play a swordfish, a 2D sidescroller in which your nose is a weapon that you can charge and lunge with in order to smash other fish in your path. Your goal is always to travel to a porthole somewhere on the screen.

This dash does take some getting used to, especially as you fight off fish that need to be hit within the right time. Puffer fish, for example, can only be hurt when they are not inflated. Fish with huge shells can only be struck on the side they peek out of - you must avoid the shell. Timing these attacks will be key - especially in single screen levels where you must kill all of the fish in order to unlock the porthole.

Potatogeddon by Anton Chechenev

A giant asteroid is heading for your planet, and only you are able to blow it up before it makes impact. But you are a large potato. As a large potato, you possess a single but powerful ability: to create a static clone of yourself and reappear a few feet behind your last position, using ‘deja vu’.

Once you reach the surface of the asteroid, you will need to use these copies of yourself to traverse the environemnt. There are holes that need to be filled with yourself, and towers that need to be made out of yourself. This leads to a lot of faffing around and you'll need to be patient as you attempt to stack the irregularly shaped potatoes such that they make good stepping stones.

A Knight Of Music by Danny88881

You are a knight in a world of slimes and platforms, and you attack by timing button presses to musical notes that travel across the bottom of the screen. The notes keep coming even if you are moving or if you need an attack right now. They live to their own beat.

This is important, because if you miss a note, you will lose a life. It is easy to run out of lives simply by not focusing on the notes at the bottom. To help you out, you can hold spacebar while hitting the notes, to hold your attack and charge it with each note hit until it's an overwhelming attack. Once you are ready to unleash your sword’s fury, you can let go of spacebar and attack instantly.

Super Hyperactive Ninja [Demo] by Jandusoft

Even ninjas require their coffee to stay awake. In the hardcore platformer Super Hyperactive Ninja, you must balance the caffeine rush you get from coffee with how you want to interact with each environment. Coffee means that you move faster, can slide down walls, wall jump and attack others. When you are not using your rush, you can’t do any of that. You can just do short jumps and walk around.

You can’t rush around on caffeine the entire time you play, as you will quickly run out of coffee and become too tired to continue. You can collect more coffee cups on each level (as well as gold, for more points) but there isn’t enough to have you running the entire time. Even when you switch to caffeine mode, there's a few seconds while you make the transition which makes the timing and the way you move even more challenging.

If you love the as much as I did, you can attempt to win the full game, once it is released, by placing in the TOP 100 players of the speedrun contents by May 22nd.

Disclosure: Jupiter Hadley is an apprentice games wizard at Armor Games, helping them to find released free games to sign

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