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Euro & American Truck Sim's roads get even more open

Here for the long-haul

The enduring success of SCS's Truck Simulator series is no huge surprise, even if its initial ascent to fame was unexpected. The combination of light business management, relaxing, meditative repetition and gorgeously recreated environments make for an ideal chill-out experience for people who haven't done long, tiresome driving for a job already. Today, both American Truck Sim and Euro Truck Sim 2 get a little bit bigger, as Patch 1.31 arrives for both games, adding new roads and features to both.

Alice took a peek at this update when SCS first announced it, although the amount of crossover with Euro Truck Sim wasn't so apparent at the time. As they share an engine, it's no huge surprise that both Truck Simulator games get to share updates like this. Patch 1.31 includes engine and systems upgrades for both games, as well as a surprising amount of new, free content. SCS liked the unofficial patch-note video of YouTuber Squirrel so much that they included it in their patch notes, so I'll do the same.

Watch on YouTube

The heart of the 1.31 update (formerly in open beta) is the addition of American Truck Simulator's CA-120 road, as pictured up top. A very scenic route through Yosemite, with plenty of dense woods to drive through, as well as some great views of the mountains. Euro Truck Sim has added some minor new routes for its Special Transport DLC missions, but now also includes random events as previously seen in ATS. While not quite as thrilling as it sounds, it does add some much-needed intuitive variety to the roads, including stuff like minor road-side maintenance and lane narrowing.

The trucks themselves have also been blessed this update, with ATS receiving a new range of bottom-dumping trailers, and ETS2 getting the 8x4 Scania R & S truck chassis', plus some aftermarket parts to make them purr. There's a few more minor changes, plus some more significant updates to the simulation of power & air lines between truck and trailer, but you can see all the gritty, fine details in the official patch notes here.

Patch 1.31 is live for Euro Truck Sim 2 and American Truck Sim now.

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