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They Are Billions adds The Six Wonders

Tranmutation and electrification

Set amidst a 22nd century rabies-like outbreak of Zed-ism, They Are Billions is a game about keeping your steampunk settlement alive while raiding zombie towns... and dealing with the repercussions. You manage everything from gold to oil as you handle a Left 4 Starcraft situation wherein zombies keep trying to pick off the citizens -- first in smaller numbers and then in screen-collapsing hordes. The game, which is still in Early Access, has just unveiled The Six Wonders: a set of end-game level structures that, if you can acquire the resources necessary to create, will greatly tip the odds in your favor.

I'm stoked because I just picked up They Are Billions last weekend. I wrote about Project Zomboid's Forever Early Access Status and the community told me They Are Billions was a comparable title worth my time. Look: I listened to you, and I am already rewarded. I just want to take a moment to appreciate our relationship love language. Kudos, RPS World.

The Six Wonders are incredibly expensive to research and build, so most colonies in-game will be capable of creating only one Wonder. As the game builds towards a gigantic Campaign mode, which will include reconquest over a huge territory, the choices made in building a Wonder will become one of the most important in your long-term game strategy. From an update that really digs into the specifics of The Six Wonders, you can read about the highly detailed score system effects that these structures will have. The six structures each deliver an overwhelming boost to one of the different economies, which should help you decide when and where you direct your forces as your take back to world of living from the world of the undead.

If you’re unsure whether to pit yourself against the zombie hordes, you might want to check out our Premature Evaluation. Defending your base is “a Sisphyian task”, says Fraser Brown, but one that he enjoyed.

Check out the trailer for The Six Wonders here:

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