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Battle For Wesnoth hits Steam with new campaign

One of the best strategy games

The fine freeware turn-based strategy game Battle For Wesnoth has launched a big update adding a new singleplayer campaign and fiddling with plenty, and made its Steam debut after fifteen years too. Our boy Brendy has declared it one of the best free games and the dearly departed Adam called it one of the best strategy games so... it's good. Hitting Steam will bring it to a new audience, eager to chat about it and square off in the multiplayer, so now's a good time to get in.

"The Battle for Wesnoth should be one of the first programs you install on a new PC," Brendy said. It's a turn-based strategy game in a fantasy world of elves, drakes, mermen, liches, and all that. Battles go down on a hexy grid, looking like this:

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Version 1.14, the "New Horizons" update, has brought a new player-made campaign (the game has many), new multiplayer maps, UI improvements, some new unit graphics and animations, and plenty of other changes and tweaks. See the changelog for full details.

You can download Battle For Wesnoth free for Windows, Mac, and Linux from its site and on Steam.

It's open-source too, so you can poke in its guts and chip in if you really want.

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