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Playerunknown's Battlegrounds declares War Mode again

And this time it's not crashing...

The end of war should be a cause for celebration, but there was only frustration when Playerunknown's Battlegrounds ended its latest War Mode event after less than a day due to the servers crashing all over. A fortnight later, it's fixed and back, raining heavily-armed players over tiny slices of Miramar for 5v5v5v5v5v5v5v5v5v5 team deathmatch with respawning. The event will end on Sunday night, mind, so you've only got two-and-a-half days to lock and load.

"War Mode is back (for real this time)," developers PUBG Corp said overnight. "We've worked out all the kinks that were causing issues for us the last time around, so it's finally time to battle it out on Miramar."

War Mode: Desert Knights goes down at dawn in small circles on Miramar, locked at about 600 metres diameter. Players rain down from the skies with level 3 armour and a random crate-only weapon to shoot each other, try not to get shot, and reappear in the aeroplane for a wave of respawns after we do get shot. Each team is aiming to score 200 points, with varying amounts granted for knocking down enemies, for kills, and for ressing pals. After 15 minutes, if no team has hit 200, the highest-scoring team wins. You can play with a pre-made squad of your pals, or throw yourselves into random squad matchmaking solo.

I quite like it! It's a relentless ten-way fight, with teams always all around you, gunning for you and each other. I like the random weapons shaping my decisions on where to drop, picking remote spots for snipers, getting amongst it with assault rifles, and blithely Ramboing with the M249. Rounds are long enough to get invested in, short enough to not drag.

The War Mode: Desert Knights event started at 3am today and will run until 3am on Monday the 21st (which, for our Pacific time zone pals, is actually 7pm on Sunday the 20th). Yup, you earn a few points for playing, but mostly it's for the fun of megamurder, yeah?

Oh, and a new pay-to-unlock crate of cosmetics and a new paid parachute skin also arrived this week.

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