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Ultimate Audio Bang podcast: which FPS belongs at the Olympics?

We pretend CS:GO doesn't exist

This week's episode of the Ultimate Audio Bang podcast kicks off with some chat about ice creams, which Imogen then sprinkles with some news shavings. We talk Apex Legends cross-progression, Titanfall hacking drama, and nice buffs. Also, Back 4 Blood is a bit good isn't it? PUBG has naked zombies, Splitgate is doing very well, and one Valorant Agent's feeling a bit stuck.

And for our theme, we ask, if the Olympics hosted an FPS tournament, what game would we like to see there? We both know the IOC would probably pick Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, so we purposely don't go down that avenue. Instead, we pick things that are colourful and fun and... still quite similar to CS:GO, but that's okay!

It was my turn to hit Imogen with some weird player names, and once again, I take this opportunity to fill the glaring holes in my knowledge banks. Onion rings are also very tasty, and I'm not sure how you could dislike them, but okay.

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