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PUBG’s newest game mode pits you against hordes of naked zombies

In the flesh

Just last week, I reported on a leak that hinted at a new zombie-specific game mode coming to Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. Well they’re herrrrrrre. PUBG Labs, where the designers explore ideas without breaking the main game, has just added a time-limited 'Zombie Survival' game mode today. That name is very on the nose. It’s a PvE horde mode against waves of the undead. And they are nude.

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The zombies spawn and run at you and your friends, and you kerblammo back at them. You progress by killing every zombie or, far more likely, simply by surviving the round. If someone makes it to the end of the round, any players who died will respawn. As you progress, you get points to spend on upgrades and ammo, and the zombies will get increasingly stronger and grow in number. If you stay the course, there are ten rounds, each up to three minutes long.

You can see just how experimental it is by looking at the base zombie model: a mannequinish, stiff limbed beast who swipes away in slow-motion. The development team have not spent time making it look undead, which is fine. It’s just uglier than I expected it to be. Watching PlayerIGN’s short game in the mode, grabbing as many grenades as you can seems like a good tactic. He takes out swathes of the hideous swipers with every frag.

This is not a proposal for a long-term game mode just yet, but a test that’ll run from today until August 16th on PC. If you regularly play Plunkbat with a group of friends, it could be a fun diversion from PvPing for an evening.

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