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Rocket League adds cross-platform parties this summer

Ball ball ball

The beautiful vision of a future where all are united by a passion for cars playing football is coming one step closer to reality, as Rocket League will add cross-platform parties this summer, letting PCpeeps and consolenauts buddy up and ball. That's the big fancy feature on developers Psyonix's latest development roadmap, though before then we'll see a new arena, a summery event, and the game's third birthday celebrations. It's looking like a good summer for futuresport.

Rocket League already has cross-platform multiplayer but it just throws people together, not letting PCnauts play in parties with their conchums. To befriend and party with pals on other platforms, when the feature launches, Rocketeers will need to register an ID which combines a name with a unique identifying code - "Scarab#7777" is an example Psyonix give (which looks like those there Blizzard IDs). Then, cross-platform jollies.

That will arrive in the game's big Summer Update, slated to launch in July or August. That will also bring a revamp of levelling, removing the cap and granting an item every time you level, as well as new higher Titles and Banners. XP is getting tweaked too, with new bonuses for playing certain ways - and a penalty for leavers.

Psyonix will also add a "Rocket Pass", a new progression system which will offer unique items and things as you level. Somwhat similar to Fortnite Battle Royale's Pass, the Rocket Pass will have free and paid variants.

Anyway! Before all that, May will bring the start of Competitive Season 8 and a new arena. The summer event will start in June, with new paid licensed DLC coming too. Then July will host the birthday event.

In short: summersports.

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