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Floating simulator Tacoma adds developer commentary

Two hours of talkwords available now

Well, this is quite embarrassing. I still haven't played Tacoma, but I have a good reason: I was quite positive that Steve Gaynor of Fullbright was pranking me. I bought the game for Xbox One and, at release, that version of the game simply did not work. I took to Twitter, where several days later, Gaynor informed me that the best work-around for getting the game to launch involved me deleting all of my Xbox 360 save games on my Xbox One. It's the kind of solution that I'm sure worked but also sounded like telling your buddy to stick his iPhone in the microwave if it got wet. The game is long since patched but I never went back because, well, I still think Gaynor was somehow pranking me. Anyhow, his voice has now been added to the game I haven't played, and it is time Steve and I made our peace -- in space.

First, here's me being angry about not being able to play a game that I still haven't played nearly a year later. This isn't the best look for me.

Again: Steve, I am sorry. I do believe you. Now on to the actual, you know, news part of this news story.

Via Steam post on the 8th, Fullbright announced that Tacoma now includes over two hours of audio commentary from the designers, writers, artists, programmers and more who brought the title to life. There’s details shared and secrets spilled about the game development process and the group's thinking on Tacoma’s characters and fictional world. All of which can be accessed by clicking the glowing T icons that you can see featured in the video below:

All of this commentary is, of course, free. And to celebrate the game's release on PS4, the Steam version is currently discounted 20%.

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