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Dell's 27-inch 1440p 165Hz gaming monitor, once £299, is now just £179

The G2724D also comes with a Fast IPS screen ideal for a wide range of game genres, video and more.

dell g2724d 27-inch gaming monitor
Image credit: Dell/Rock Paper Shotgun

Earlier this year - in September to be exact - we spotted a great deal on Dell's G2724D 27-inch Fast IPS monitor, which brought this model down from its original price of £299 to just £209. Two months later, we're back with an even better bargain - just £179 for a 1440p 165Hz monitor that sits right in the sweet spot for gaming. To get this deal, just use code GROUPON8 at the checkout!

The benefit of this kind of this kind of Fast IPS panel is that you get the fast pixel response times and great motion handling of TN panels, once the go-to technology for gaming monitors, with the superior colour reproduction, wide viewing angles and better brightness of IPS monitors.

1440p 165Hz is another ideal spec point, offering enough resolution to make great use of the 27-inch panel without being nearly as difficult to drive as 4K monitors. After all, 2560x1440 panels like this one have only 3.6 million pixels, compared to 2.1 million pixels for 1080p and 8.3 million for 4K. That means you can get great frame-rates even with a mid-range modern graphics card and an ordinary processor, versus 4K which often requires a high-end card to hit acceptable frame-rates in the most recent games.

Other spec points include FreeSync Premium and G-Sync Compatibility, 400 nits of brightness and therefore a DisplayHDR 400 certification, around 1000:1 contrast ratio that outperforms TN but falls behind VA and OLED (though these panel types have their own issues, namely pixel response times/viewing angles and subpixel arrangements/burn-in respectively).

Overall, this is an extremely solid monitor for the price - I think I paid around £600 for a high-end monitor with similar specs but a worse panel back in 2016, so getting all of this for considerably less than £200 is a huge coup!

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