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Dell's entry-level 1440p 165Hz Fast IPS monitor is down to £209 after a £90 discount

This is the best value/performance spec for PC gaming, and works with PS5/Series X too.

dell g2724d 27-inch gaming monitor
Image credit: Dell/Rock Paper Shotgun

Earlier this week we saw a great £209 price on a 1440p 165Hz monitor from lesser-known brand X=, and now there's another deal with similar specs from Dell at the very same price. The Dell G2724D is a well-reviewed 27-inch monitor that sports a better Fast IPS screen, a DisplayHDR 400 certification, FreeSync/G-Sync compatibility and even works with consoles at 1440p 120Hz. What's not to like?

So why is 27-inch 1440p 165Hz the gaming sweet spot I claim it is? In short, you're getting a three-aspect upgrade over what was for many years the standard PC gaming monitor: 24 inches, 1080p and 60Hz. This larger monitor is easier to read at a distance, is higher-res so text and graphics look crisp, and has that upgraded refresh rate (with response times to match) that provides a ton of extra fluidity, something in my mind that's essential for all but the slowest-paced games - even mousing around the Windows desktop feels better with a high refresh rate screen like this!

Next is the particular LG Fast IPS panel used by this monitor. These screens were a revelation when they debuted a few years back, as they provide the excellent motion handling and rapid pixel reponse times of a TN-type monitor, while still offering the better colour reproduction, wider viewing angles and reasonable contrast of IPS panels. VA panel screens offer better contrast, but IPS screens are arguably the best overall option at this price point for gaming, content creation and media consumption - this type of screen is just a strong all-rounder.

If you're in the market for a monitor upgrade then, do take a look at some reviews online and/or give this monitor a try. I think you'll be very happy with it if you're upgrading from a smaller, lower-res or lower-refresh-rate alternative, and you may even notice improvements from older 1440p 144Hz models.

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