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This 27-inch 1440p 144Hz monitor is down to £210

This flat IPS panel provides a good mix of colour, viewing angles and pixel response times.

x= XRGB27WQ 1440p 165hz 27-inch gaming monitor
Image credit: AWD-IT/Rock Paper Shotgun

1440p 144Hz monitors have been the most popular category for PC gamers for a little while now, offering a good blend of detail and responsiveness, and over time we've seen what was once a £500+ spec drift down to below £300. It's still rare to see a good example closer to £200 though, and that's exactly what we've got today: a 27-inch model from system integrators AWD-IT, the X= XRGB27WQ, available for £210 after a £70 discount.

I've actually tested this monitor for Eurogamer, and named it the 'best cheap 1440p gaming monitor' - as it delivers a pretty good experience while costing less than the Fast IPS panel monitors we recommend as the more options in this category. The only noticeable sacrifice you're making here against one of these higher-tier options is in pixel response times; with a 5ms GtG rated response time, you'll get a bit more ghosting with fast-moving content. 5ms isn't bad, but motion clarity won't be as crisp.

Outside of fast-paced games though, performance should be excellent - I noted accurate colours, wide viewing angles, reasonable brightness (350 nits) and OK contrast (1000:1) in my testing. There's FreeSync and G-Sync support provided too, ensuring you have access to VRR on Nvidia and AMD graphics cards.

The X= monitor's stand is made of metal, which is nice, but doesn't offer much adjustability - like height adjustment or a portrait orientation swivel. Therefore, I recommend picking up a cheap monitor arm if your desk allows for it, as this will make it much easier to place the monitor at a comfortable position and make it look better too. I've gotten used to the clear desks and superior ergonomics that monitor arms provide, and it's well worth experiencing if you haven't tried it.

I think that just about does it for this one, so do let me know what you think of the monitor if you pick it up. Of course, it's also worth plugging the RPS monitor recommendations if you're still in the research phase.

Thanks for joining me and I'l see you again soon with another PC deal for the UK or US.

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