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Save up to 75% on an utterly brilliant Glorious mechanical keyboard or ultra-light mouse in their BF sale

Black Friday starts in early November, apparently.

glorious model o mouse and gmmk keyboard pictured on a dark background with winter motifs
Image credit: Glorious

Glorious, makers of excellent ultralight mice and mechanical keyboards, have kicked off their early Black Friday sales over at their US site (with fast international shipping).

They're currently offering both a range of keyboard-and-mouse bundles and sales on individual products, so I thought I'd take a look at the sale and recommend a few items that I've personally tested and have recommended for Digital Foundry. Let's go!

Let's start with the bundles. The standout for me is the mouse bundle in white, which combines a white Model O wired ultra-light mouse with a white XL cloth mousepad. I've not tested the mousepads, but the Model O remains my top gaming mouse recommendation a few years after its release - and at $34 versus $68 for the mouse and mousepad, this is an outstanding time to pick one up.

The Model O is great because it's light and easy to move, making it ideal for FPS and other fast-paced competitive games, with a super-flexible cable that makes it feel almost wireless. The body shape, button layout and optical sensor are also top-notch, so I'd hugely recommend giving it a go at this reduced price.

Further down the page we have the keyboard deals, which includes a prebuilt GMMK keyboard for just $24 versus its normal $80 - a laughably good deal on a wondeful 60% keyboard with plenty of scope for later customisation and a great feel right out of the box.

Finally, you can pick up the Model I in black for $36 versus its normal $60. This mouse is awesome because it's a similar shape to the legendary Logitech G502, yet it weighs a fraction - making it much better for esports titles that demand speed and accuracy, without affecting its comfortable shape, high button count and overall quality. This was the first mouse in this shape that really clicked for me (ha!) and comes highly recommended.

There are plenty more deals to check out, so do have a look and let me know what you think!

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