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PowerWash Simulator's Back To The Future DLC is out now

Cleaning up the past

The time machine being cleaned in PowerWash Simulator's Back To The Future DLC.
Image credit: FuturLab

If my calculations are correct, all the buildings in PowerWash Simulator's Back To The Future DLC are covered in some serious shit. It's your job to clean it off, of course - off the Hill Valley clocktower, Doc Brown's van, and of course the Delorean. It's out now.

The launch trailer for PowerWash Simulator's BTTF DLC.Watch on YouTube

Aside from those mentioned above, the DLC also includes the Holomax Theater from Back To The Future 2, where Marty is attacked by the holographic shark, and Doc's Time Train from Back To The Future 3. Spoilers galore, there. You'll need the base game to play it and then the DLC itself costs £6.50/$8/€8 from Steam.

Personally I'm disappointed it doesn't challenge you to clean all the manure out of Biff's car.

Growing up, I loved Back To The Future probably more than any other film. That was before Ready Player One chewed it up and vomited it back out as a nutritionless pop cultural slurry. I still love Back To The Future, but now I know I'm a big boring bastard for it. WarGames, too! Thanks, Ernest.

PowerWash Simulator's had some eye-catching DLC so far, including Square Enix stablemates Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy VII, as well as Spongebob Squarepants. Next up is Warhammer 40K DLC, seemingly due before the end of the year.

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