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PowerWash Simulator's Final Fantasy VII crossover pack is out now

Clean up Midgar

I have no problem believing that PowerWash Simulator is as smart and engrossing as people say. That's why I don't play it, lest my actual home fall into a state of muck-slick neglect.

If you're braver than me, you now have new venues to clean: the free Final Fantasy VII crossover is out now, and it lets you clean up Midgar like Cloud never could.

Here's a trailer:

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The Midgar Special Pack adds a mini campaign containing five new levels: Hardy Daytona and Shinra Hauler, Scorpion Sentinel, Seventh Heaven, Mako Energy Exhibit, and Airbuster.

I spent a couple of minutes trying to find out how much the pack cost, before I realised it's entirely free if you already own the base game. You can access it in-game in the new 'Specials' section of the main menu, alongside the previously released, similarly free Tomb Raider pack, which let you scrub the walls of Croft Manor.

PowerWash found its way onto our picks for the best games of 2022, and Ed had a lot of praise for it in his review:

There's joy in the feel of powerwashing too, where it becomes a meditative escape backed by the sounds of chirping birds and whoosh of water. Initially, I thought it would pair nicely with a podcast or a chat with friends, like a background activity I'd be half-invested in. After absorbing nothing from a podcast and sitting in silence while mates slung words, I found the game suited solace to a tee. In five minutes it unironically became... everything? I entered a zen state where I was relaxed and totally focused on getting the job done, both thinking strategically about what nozzle would hit those diagonals best and whether Juan Sheet could take me in a fist fight.

PowerWash Simulator costs £20/$30 from Steam.

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