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PowerWash Simulator's next free content update is out now

Staying close to home

PowerWash Simulator has received two free pieces of DLC so far this year, both of which made use of the scrub em 'up's publisher, Square Enix, and offered up Lara Croft's manor house and Final Fantasy's Midgar for you to clean. Now a third free update has arrived, and it instead expands on PowerWash Simulator's own world.

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Update 1.2, The Muckingham Files, expands on the Mauka Aitu desert, a region you visit in PowerWash Simulator in order to clean an ancient statue and an old steam train. It seems the area is also home to some "advanced technology", according to the news post on Steam, and you'll be returning in the update to clean a solar water plant and a huge satellite dish. The free DLC also features a dirty food truck in a plant-filled recreation ground.

It seems 1.2 also expands the already-existing bonus jobs from the base game by adding supplementary stories to them, while also including some bug fixes.

FuturLab say this is just part of their roadmap for PowerWash Simulator in 2023. Their next update will be paid DLC, followed by another round of free content and a second paid DLC in autumn, and then free seasonal content and a third paid DLC towards the end of the year. Each of the free expansions will reveal "more of Muckingham and its stories", while the paid DLC will travel "outside of the Muckingham universe to all sorts of new and exciting places."

If all this seems like a lot of to-do for a game about cleaning up, consider that PowerWash Simulator was one of our favourite games of 2022.

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