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Best MW3 Lockwood Mk2 loadout and class setup

This is the best Lockwood Mk2 build in Modern Warfare 3 right now

Screenshot of the Lockwood Mk2 in Modern Warfare 3
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Activision

Looking for the best Lockwood Mk2 loadout in Modern Warfare 3? The Lockwood Mk2 is just one of many guns that have been introduced to Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, thanks to the 'carry forward' system. Boasting the one-shot capabilities of a sniper rifle, the Lockwood Mk2 maintains a lightweight mobility that rewards players with a smooth, streamlined experience.

Although it may struggle to compete against the very best marksman rifles in Modern Warfare 3, there's a lot to love about the Lockwood Mk2, especially when paired with the right attachments and equipment. Join us as we go through the best Lockwood Mk2 loadout in Modern Warfare 3.

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Why use the Lockwood Mk2 in MW3?

With its lightweight appeal, the Lockwood Mk2 is a great quickscoping option in Modern Warfare 3. Its quick fire rate and handling stats can also be improved even further with the right attachments, making it a worthy rival to a sniper rifle, and capable of one-shot kills. We've picked out the following attachments to do exactly this, elevating the Lockwood Mk2's handling stats without sacrificing its range or accuracy.

Best Lockwood Mk2 loadout in MW3

  • Barrel: Lockwood Frontiersman
  • Laser: VLK LZR 7MW
  • Stock: Lockwood Bullseye Stock
  • Lever: Longhorn Lever
  • Optic: Cronen Mini Pro

First and foremost, when choosing a barrel for the Lockwood Mk2, consider the Lockwood Frontiersman. This is the second-shortest Barrel attachment for the Lockwood Mk2, and we find it offers a nice boost to ADS speed without any significant negatives. Combined with the VLK LZR 7 MW and the Lockwood Bullseye Stock, the Lockwood Mk2's already speedy build becomes a quickscoping champion. Although these attachments cause a dip in recoil control, this isn't a huge problem, and we find that the boost to aiming stability is well worth it.

Additionally, when paired with the Longhorn Lever you get a solid buff to fire rate, allowing you to chain together shots even quicker, securing those golden killstreaks before your enemies know what hit them.

Compared to other marksman rifles, the ironsights aren't too bad. However, we find it's worth attaching an Optic for added accuracy such as the Cronen Mini Pro to help land those quick shots and end fights before they even begin. Feel free to swap this out to any optic of your preferred choice, though, as most will get the job done.

Screenshot of the Lockwood Mk2 starting stats in Modern Warfare 3
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Activision

Best Lockwood Mk2 class setup: Secondary weapon

Striker, Renetti.

For anything that excels in a long-ranged setting like the Lockwood Mk2, it's always a good idea to equip a close-ranged secondary weapon. We recommend choosing either a shotgun or SMG to foot the bill.

One of the best SMGs in Modern Warfare 3 right now is the Striker. The Striker has always been regarded fondly among the fandom, and with good reason - it has fantastic damage output, range and mobility. Previously known as the UMP45, this is a great SMG to have in your repertoire.

Of course, to equip a second primary weapon you'll need either the Gunner or Overkill Vest. Due to this, if you're looking for a pistol instead, consider the Renetti. The Renetti is a semi-automatic pistol, capable of a fantastic fire rate that packs a punch and earns it a spot on our list of the best pistols in Modern Warfare 3.

Best Lockwood Mk2 class setup: Perks and Equipment

Overkill Vest, Marksman Gloves, Stalker Boots, Ghost T/V Camo, Frag Grenade, Scatter Mine.

For any long-ranged weapon we would recommend equipping a second primary weapon for close combat. For this reason, we suggest using the Overkill Vest. Although the Gunner Vest will also allow for a second primary weapon and is easier to unlock, the Overkill Vest is well worth the investment as it also gives you the ability to reload while sprinting and a faster weapon swap speed, essentially the fast hands perk from MW2.

When paired with the Marksman Gloves you will also receive a reduced sway and flinch while ADS. For boots, try the Stalker Boots for increased strafe and ADS movement speed, further enhancing the speed and ADS effectiveness of the build.

There is a selection of Gear to choose from but we suggest the Ghost T/V Camo to block detection by UAVs, enemy radar sources and Heartbeat Sensors, a perk that is particularly effective when hunting objectives in multiplayer.

To complete the equipment loadout, you'll need a Tactical and Lethal. We think the Frag Grenade is a Call of Duty staple that you can't go too wrong with. It is especially good for clearing enemies out of both open and closed spaces on maps and buying yourself some getaway time. Lastly, consider adding a Scatter Mine to your loadout. These mines can cover a wide area and give you some early warning when enemies are getting close to your position, a particularly useful perk when using long-ranged weapons.

For more Modern Warfare tips and tricks, check out our guide to the best perks in-game for optimal loadouts.

Screenshot of a Lockwood Mk2 loadout in Modern Warfare 3
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Activision

Best Lockwood Mk2 alternatives in Modern Warfare 3

MTZ Interceptor, MCW 6.8.

If you're looking for a marksman rifle alternative to the Lockwood Mk2, consider choosing either the MTZ Interceptor or the MCW 6.8, both make our list of the best marksman rifles in Modern Warfare 3 due to their reliable natures. The MTZ Interceptor, in particular, shines through as a solid candidate, thanks to its excellent all-around stats covering damage, range, handling and more. It is certainly capable of one-shot kills while maintaining a smooth handling experience.

That rounds off our guide to the best Lockwood Mk2 build in Modern Warfare 3. Get a better idea of the full gun meta with our list of the best guns in Modern Warfare 3, and the best loadouts in MW3.

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