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The best boots in Modern Warfare 3

These are the very best boots to equip in Modern Warfare 3

An establishing shot of the Modern Warfare 3 map Sub Base.
Image credit: Activision

What are the best boots in Modern Warfare 3? With the new perk system introduced in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, equipping the right boots based on their in-built perk is a great way to gain leverage in the battlefield. We've heard of fancy footwork, but these pairs of boots take it to the next level.

Whilst you can also activate unique perks by donning the best gloves and best vest in MW3, we're here to talk about the best boots on offer. So, here it is!

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6. Lightweight Boots

Description: Increases movement and swim speed. Reduces noise while swimming.

The Lightweight Boots make you faster on land and in water, but they rank at the bottom of our list because it's not something that you'll necessarily reap the rewards from. While it's great to increase your movement around the map, it absolutely depends on the map as to whether you'd find the perk useful. Especially as the secondary to this perk is that it will reduce the amount of noise you make when swimming. A niche perk, but handy nonetheless.

5. Climbing Boots

Description: Increased climbing and mantling speed. Reduces fall damage.

Like the Lightweight Boots, the Climbing Boots also have a fairly niche perk depending on how much you like to scramble up buildings. By climbing and mantling faster, you'll be able to boost your movement when engaged in a fight. The reason the Climbing Boots are better than the Lightweight though is that they also reduce fall damage. A game changer if you do have to leap off a building pronto as you may not suffer the same fate as an enemy following behind you.

4. Running Sneakers

Description: Increases Tac Sprint duration and reduces refresh time.

Running Sneakers, unsurprisingly, are all about upping your speed. For running, these boots will increase your tac sprint duration and reduce the refresh time meaning you'll be a force to be reckoned with if someone's up for the chase. It's a simple, but effective perk for anyone who loves to keep the pace rapid and hopefully, the kill count alongside it.

3. Tactical Pads

Description: Increases slide distance and allows for aiming down sights while sliding. Increases stance transition speeds and crouched movement speed.

Tactical Pads come with a lot of useful perks. Not only do they allow full ADS while sliding, they also increase your sliding distance, increase stance transition speeds, and increase crouched movement speeds. That's a helluva lot of movement. You'll be zipping round the map, bobbing up and down, and confusing enemy players with precise sliding hits in no time and no matter the map or game mode, you're going to find a use for them.

2. Stalker Boots

Description: Increased strafe and ADS movement speed.

Coming in second, the Stalker Boots offer two substantial advantage perks to players; increased strafe speed and increased ADS movement speed. If you're a player focused on agility, Stalker Boots allow you to dodge shots and return fire with ease. They're an excellent piece of gear to have equipped in close quarters and will give you a gameplay advantage in a lot of situations.

1. Covert Sneakers

Description: Eliminates footstep sounds.

Sneaky, sneaky, sneakers. Covert Sneakers eliminate your footstep sounds entirely, meaning you can sneak up on a player without them knowing you're there. Given that footsteps are one of the biggest tells for nearby enemies, if you don't have any, they are going to struggle to locate you. An excellent perk for stealthing around the map and the top in our ranking for granting the ability to cross enemy lines undetected, sneak up on players, and ultimately plan a whole new strategy to your game.

That's everything we have to say about the best boots in Modern Warfare 3. While boots can offer you perks, they'll only get you so far. Be sure to check out our guides on the best guns in MW3 and the best Modern Warfare 3 loadouts to make sure you're fulled prepped for the fast-paced action.

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