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The best gear in Modern Warfare 3

Here’s the best gear on offer in Modern Warfare 3

An establishing shot of the Modern Warfare 3 map Scrapyard.
Image credit: Activision

What is the best gear in Modern Warfare 3? Gear is the last, but by no means least, choice in the setup of your Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 gear and in-built perks. You’ve got your boots, gloves, and vest equipped and now it’s time to focus on your gear. There’s some real versatility in the gear ranked below, so we recommend taking it with a pinch of salt and leaning heavily into what suits your playstyle best.

As with the rest of the gear available in MW3, you’ll unlock it as you level up. So, don’t panic if your favorite item isn’t the easiest to obtain. It won’t be long until you’ll have your pick of the bunch.

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12. L/R Detector

Description: Warns of hostile laser and radiation sources.

The L/R Detector works great against the Guardian-SC killstreak, as well as sniper scopes and other enemy targeting systems as it can warn you of these laser and radiation sources in your area. It’s a pretty niche perk as far as gear goes though, which is why we’ve put it at the bottom of our ranking.

11. Threat Identification System

Description: While ADS, automatically pings enemy locations in crosshairs.

With the Threat Identification System gear equipped, you'll be pinging every single enemy's location when aiming down sight and capturing them in your crosshairs. It’s definitely not a great perk to use in game modes like Ground War as you'll be be facing lots of enemies and, in turn, a lot of pings. It's a nice bit of gear to use in other game modes, but not necessarily one that will profit you like the higher-tiered gear on our list.

10. Hijacked IFF Strobe

Description: Undetectable by AI targeting systems and thermal optics. Does not highlight in enemy Tactical Cameras or Recon Drones.

The Hijacked IFF Strobe will help you fly under the radar if AI systems and thermal optics are proving a little difficult to deter. Much like the Cold Blooded perk in MW2, you'll be able to avoid detection from enemy resources; the tactical cameras or recon drones. Great for stealthy play, but not necessarily something you'll get a lot of use out of.

9. Signal Jammer

Description: Emits a signal disrupting placed enemy claymores and mines. Warns of nearby enemy equipment.

An excellent bit of gear for game modes like Hardpoint and Domination, the Signal Jammer will disturb enemy placed claymores and mines before they can cause you any damage. You'll also have a better time approaching specific enemy-heavy zones where they may have laid more equipment as it'll give you fair warning to avoid it. It’s always nice to miss out on any unnecessary equipment damage, but with other gear on the list with some very handy perks, it isn’t one we’d rank highly.

8. EOD Padding

Description: Reduces damage from non-killstreak explosives and fire.

If you find yourself bombarded with grenades and rockets, then the EOD Padding is a helpful piece of gear to have equipped. It depends on your playstyle and, more importantly, your game mode though as to whether you find yourself taking damage from these explosives. If you’re not going to be sitting tight on an objective, it’s less likely you’ll get hit with this equipment.

7. Data Jacker

Description: Enemies you kill drop a smartphone. Collecting the smartphone generates a radar ping from that location.

Like the CCT Comms Vest, the Data Jacker also rewards you with a bit of kit dropped on death from an enemy that can prove helpful for your next move. Picking up the smartphone left behind on the body should, if they're playing close to their teammates, show you where the rest of the enemies are hiding. Having this insight can prove really helpful if you're looking to squad wipe with a bit more ease.

6. Mission Control Commlink

Description: Reduce Killstreak cost by one kill. Reduce Scorestreak cost by 125.

Equipping the Mission Control Commlink gear means you’ll be able to unlock some of the best killstreaks in no time at all, which will ultimately lead to you unlocking more and more. Knocking one kill off of every killstreak can make all the difference. But, if you trust you’ll get that extra kill, you may not need it.

5. Ghost T/V Camo

Description: While moving, blocks detection by UAVs, enemy radar sources, and Heartbeat Sensors.

You're alwas going to benefit from a perk that lets you fly under the radar. With so many UAVs and sensors in Modern Warfare 3 that could give your enemies incredible detail about your whereabouts, being able to block these when you move using the Ghost T/V Camo is pivotal. Considering UAV features top ranked on our best killstreaks guide, utilizing the Ghost T/V Camo against it is a big move.

4. Tac Mask

Description: Reduces strength of enemy flash, stun, and gas grenade.

The Tac Mask is a solid choice for anyone wanting to spook the enemy by maintaining their composure against the use of tactical equipment. With perks like the Demolition Vest resupplying its wearer with equipment every 25 seconds, there's a lot more out there to cause you harm if you don't work against it. The Tac Mask offers an opportunity to counterbalance extensive use of equipment and live to fight another day.

3. Blacklight Flashlight

Description: Shows recent enemy footsteps.

The Blacklight Flashlight in Modern Warfare 3 appears to be another name for the popular Call of Duty perk, Tracker. For this gear, you’ll be able to see recent enemy footsteps, allowing you to follow them more precisely. It's a popular choice of gear given it'll help you find enemies who are pretty crafty at getting away from you when they're nearly down and out.

2. Mag Holster

Improved reload speed.

Much like the fan favorite perk, Fast Hands in MW2, the Mag Holster in MW3 gives players an improved reload speed. You'll get this with the Gunner Vest too, so if you're wearing that you'll get the Mission Control Commlink perk instead. It's worth weighing up which vest and gear combo works best for you, but being able to reload your weapon faster is always a gameplay advantage worth grabbing however you do it.

1. Bone Conduction Headset

Description: Reduces combat noise, allowing improved identification of enemy footsteps and gunshots.

Finding the right balance of audio is incredibly hard, because being able to hear everything clearly would be too easy. That is until Modern Warfare 3 introduced the Bone Conduction Headset that can automatically reduce combat noise, meaning you’ll be able to hear enemy footsteps and gunshots a lot easier. This is a super counter perk touse against the Covert Sneakers (featured in our boots in MW3 guide). What you hear is a huge deal in getting an advantage in combat, so the Bone Conduction Headset provides a firm upper-hand.

That’s everything on the best gear in Modern Warfare 3. Of course, it ultimately depends on how you like to play. So, if sound is important to you or you like to stealth and flank in a battle, there’s different options from Modern Warfare’s versatile selection of gear. It’s always worth spending time researching the best guns in MW3 and best Modern Warfare 3 loadouts to pair up alongside your perk choices.

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