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Of course Lies of P is getting a sequel after selling a million copies

No word of a lie

Pinocchio turns towards violence in a Lies of P screenshot.
Image credit: Neowiz

Pinocchio Soulslike Lies of P - aka Bloodborne for PC players - will be getting a sequel in the future, the game’s director has revealed. In the meantime, the well-received action-RPG has plenty on the way in the form of a patch out this month including gameplay tweaks, free cosmetics, a soundtrack release, and DLC.

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Jiwon Choi donned a rabbit-eared gas mask in a Director’s Letter to thank players for helping Lies of P to cross the one million sales mark in October, letting slip for the first time that a sequel is already in development. Lies of Q, maybe?

Choi said that the team would be working on the full follow-up while also creating DLC for Lies of P, with developers Neowiz Games currently looking to hire more staff to help with development.

“Our highest priority is developing the DLC and working on our sequel,” Choi said. “The dev team is putting in significant effort, brainstorming and exploring different aspects of the projects.”

Artwork teased for Lies of P's first DLC, showing a wooden ship sailing on water
Image credit: Neowiz

Choi dipped into some details of the game’s next upcoming patch, which is due to land sometime in November - with an exact date to be confirmed. The patch will rebalance specific blades and handles combined using the game’s Weapon Assemble system to help players “make the most” of their loadouts.

Following on from an update at the end of September that nerfed a number of monsters and bosses to make the game significantly easier - not to everyone’s satisfaction, mind - Choi said that the next patch would make some additional changes to ease players into Lies of P’s earlier fights.

Those changes will include boosting the character’s starting stats and making the Rising Dodge ability a default skill rather than one you have to unlock. On top of that, merchant Polendina will sell two additional Quartz that can be used to upgrade the P-Organ earlier on.

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In a more playful addition, the update will also add an extra facial accessory slot - solely cosmetic - to let players equip hats and glasses at the same time. To encourage that, the patch will add an Alchemist's Hat and a new pair of glasses for players to try on. As thanks for the support of players, there’s also a new costume that will let you dress up as canine boss weapon seller Alidoro.

Choi teased the game’s upcoming DLC - which is yet to be fully revealed or dated - with glimpses of concept art sketches, showing some kind of pumping station with tanks and pipes and a wooden ship.

Finally, Choi announced that Lies of P’s full soundtrack release - with more than 60 tracks - would be released soon, which is further good news for lovers of banging video game OSTs.

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