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That edgy Soulslike starring Pinocchio has a demo out now

Lies Of P demo hits Steam and consoles today

A mechanical policeman clutches Pinocchio in a Lies Of P screenshot.
Image credit: Neowiz

What if fairytale puppet Pinocchio had to kill a load of people and robots? You can discover the answer for yourself today in the demo for Lies Of P, launched live during Geoff Keighley's Level Up Pool Party. The demo offers the Soulslike's first two chapters, including letting the little would-be boy cut up bosses.

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"The exciting new demo gives players early access to the first two chapters of Lies Of P, including challenging boss encounters, introductions to key characters, and unique areas to explore," publishers Neowiz say. "The demo features hours of gameplay, and allows players to freely explore the game's primary hub area – the Hotel Krat"

That demo is available right now from Steam and the Windows Store, and ssshould be on consoles too.

While you wait for that to download, you can watch what Rachel thought after playing a preview build at PAX West last year.

Lies Of P is scheduled to launch September 19th, slightly delayed from the previous plan of August. And it's on Game Pass. It will also be on the PlayStations 4 and 5, and the Xboxes One and Xeries X.

If you're thinking, "Wait, didn't this already come out?" naw mate, you're thinking of Steelrising, the one about murderous marionettes in 18th century Paris. This one is about murderous marionettes in the Belle Époque city of Krat, with the trailer lady singing in French. Totally different. In our Steelrising review, Alice Bee said that one has "all the ingredients necessary to be a great Soulslike game" but "it just doesn't get the mix right, ending up all the more frustrating for how good it could be."

And if this EDGY, ADULT, TWISTED take on a childhood story isn't GRIM enough for you, maybe you'd be interested in Winnie's Hole, a dungeon crawler about mutating Winnie-the-Pooh into a meaty abomination. Though honestly, I don't see how anything in either game can be more distressing than the scenes in Disney's Pinocchio where children are transformed into donkeys to be sold into slavery.

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