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Good news casual Soulslikers, Lies of P’s latest update makes it dramatically easier

Those bosses aren't so bossy anymore

Pinocchio battles a towering policeman puppet in Lies Of P.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Neowiz

Neowiz have released Lies of P update, a major patch for the puppet-ridden action-RPG which educated souls are describing as the closest we may ever get to a Bloodborne PC port. It introduces Dualshock 4 and DualSense controller support alongside a host of changes to enemies, the execution of the game’s Fable Arts or gear-specific special moves, item drop rates and the duration of stagger windows. The overarching aim seems to be to make the game easier, and as I’m sure you’re expecting, a few Lies of P fans - and, it turns out, RPS staffers - are ticked off about that.

I've reproduced the full patch notes at the bottom of the page. This would normally be the point where I embed a bunch of all-caps social media posts from outraged True Gamers, castigating this latest concession to approachability and bewailing the fate of the medium as a whole, filthy casuals, etc etc. Those posts do exist. But this time, friends, the call is also coming from inside the house.

I asked RPS reviewer Ed Thorn for his thoughts on the patch notes this morning. “Seems like they've done a blanket nerfaroo, which has properly irked me,” he fumed, though Ed did react positively to a few of the boss nerfs.

The same can’t be said for guides editor Ollie, who became speechless with rage and was obliged to resort to the time-honoured medium of MS Paint to communicate his grievances. Please see below. Don’t worry, it’s safe for work.

RPS guides editor Ollie's MS Paint scribbled response to a Lies of P update that makes the game easier.
Image credit: Ollie Toms

Phew! In my experience, guides writers tend to have stronger opinions on changes like these because they are, after all, tasked with wading through and itemising every last bit of the games concerned. They're serious scholars of bugs and balancing, not like cavalier news editors who can treat the whole thing as a massive joke.

Anyway here are the patch notes in full. If you’ve already finished Lies of P, please have a seat, ask relatives to leave the room and remove any and all crockery from the vicinity before you read on. I played about 20 minutes the other night and got my clockwork ass handed to me by some kind of Disneyland policeman, so as far as I'm concerned, the more nerfs, the merrier.

Balance Changes Field Monster Balance Changes

- Decreased the HP of certain field monsters

- Increased the chance of breaking some monsters' stance and the frequency of stagger

- Increased the staggerable window time

Decrease the HP of all 3 types of Dimensional Butterflies

Adjusted the rewards for some monsters

- Increased the drop rate of Moonstone type items

- Decreased the drop rate of Star Fragments

- Increased the drop rate of Ergo items

- Increased the Ergo rewards of certain monsters that appear after Lorenzini Arcade"

Boss Monster Balance Changes

- Decreased the HP of 'Fallen Archbishop Andreus'

- Decreased the HP of 'King of Puppets' in the first phase

- Decreased the HP of 'Simon Manus, Arm of God'

- Decreased the damage of 'Simon Manus, Awakened God'

- Increased the chance to break the stance of 'Simon Manus, Awakened God'"

Increased the Specter's HP and damage

System Changes Related to the Character Progression Reset

- Added the feature to reset the character's level, P-Organ, and Legion Arms at the 'Gold Coin Tree'

- Characters created after this patch will now receive 8 Gold Coin Fruits instead of 5 for their first harvest

- Adjusted the required amount of gold coins to reset the character's level, P-Organ, and Legion Arms

Additional Changes

- Players will now be able to carry more weight for each point spent on Capacity

- Decreased the weight of Amulets that could be purchased with Boss Ergo

- Players will now be able to land attacks better when they use fable arts that consume three or more slots. (includes Fable Arts that stack)

- Successfully performing the Fable Art 'Guard Parry' will now break the monster's stance

New Features

Now supports the DUALSHOCK®4 & DualSense™ controllers on Windows OS devices

After today's update, if the DUALSHOCK®4 & DualSense™ UI does not appear properly please follow the steps below.

1. Steam Library -> Right Click Lies of P -> Properties -> Controller

2. Disable Steam Input

** The DUALSHOCK®4 & DualSense™ controller's touch pad can be used to open the menu

Bug Fixes

- Fixed a bug with the Legion Arm 'Pandemonium II - Acid Charge' rarely not working properly.

- Fixed a bug that the Legion Arm 'Pandemonium' consumed only Legion guage while using Grindstones

- Fixed a bug that Geppetto's face to flicker in the cutscene after defeating the 'Nameless Puppet' with Graphic Quality Presets - Low

- Fixed a typo of Carlo Collodi in the End Credits. (We sincerely apologize to Mr. Collodi and that was not a lie!)

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