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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty gets crossovers with fellow Soulslikes Nioh and Lies Of P

Plus details on the DLC packs, free updates, and promises of better PC performance

Wo Long two men with swords battling
Image credit: Koei Tecmo

'Soulslike but in the Han Dynasty' game Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty released earlier this year, but developers Team Ninja are gearing up for another five months of updates and DLC. A recently revealed roadmap details all the changes coming to the action RPG, from the seemingly small balance tweaks to the hopefully exciting crossovers with fellow Soulsian bedfellows Lies Of P and Nioh.

Wo Long is crossing over with Lies Of P - the 'Soulslike but with Pinocchio' - in September, while the Nioh crossover - which is also a slasher from Team Ninja - is coming in November via free updates. A post from director Masakazu Hirayama explains that the “content we are considering [for the collaborations] will be different from what we have released for the Naraka: Bladepoint collaboration.” That Naraka update just added cosmetics and armour sets, so hopefully the upcoming Soulslike extravaganza bashes the toys together in more entertaining ways.

A graphic with five different boxes detailing Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty's post-launch support
Image credit: Koei Tecmo

The post also reveals that Wo Long's second paid DLC (Conqueror Of Jiangdong) is coming in September and the third DLC (Upheaval In Jingxiang) is coming sometime in December. Both DLC packs feature new enemies, difficulty levels, missions, and “end-game content.” All three DLC packs are available for purchase separately, but they’re also included in the Season Pass and the Digital Deluxe Edition.

Finally, Hirayama addressed the game’s messy performance on PC which has been bugging some players since launch. “I can assure you that the development team has read each and every report posted on various bulletin boards, social channels, our customer support department, and we have placed top priority on optimisation and bug fixes,” he wrote. There was no time frame given for when these improvements might come, though.

Our Ed had good things to say about the game in his Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty review. “What you’ve got is a triumphant Soulike and a showcase of Team Ninja’s ability to make some of the best combat in action RPGs,” he wrote, despite some confusing looting and levelling bits.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is available on Steam for £55/$60, and it's also still available on Game Pass too.

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