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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Marking Flag locations

Hunt down every last Marking Flag and Battle Flag in Wo Long

Looking for a list of all the flag locations in Wo Long? Flags are important markers in every single area of Team Ninja's new RPG, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Interacting with these flags will save your progress and also give you some benefits that persist throughout the region, so locating them should be high on your priorities list.

Below you'll find our list of guides containing all the Wo Long flag locations for every battleground. So if you've been hunting around an area for minutes (or hours) looking for that elusive final Marking Flag, worry no more. You'll find all the answers you need just below.

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Wo Long flag locations

Below is our in-progress list of guides containing all the Wo Long flag locations for each region, or battleground, of the game:

What do Marking Flags and Battle Flags do?

As you may know, flags in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty are Team Ninja's take on the traditional bonfire checkpoint system present in many soulslike games. But there are two types of flags - Battle Flags and Marking Flags - and their uses differ from one another.

Battle Flags

A Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty screenshot of the player standing next to a flag.

Battle Flags are your traditional save points in Wo Long. If you die then you will return to the last Battle Flag you rested at, and if you rest at a Battle Flag then you will be fully healed, all your Dragon's Cure Pot charges will be replenished, and all enemies across the region will respawn (except for bosses).

It's also worth noting that if you place down a Battle Flag (but don't rest at it), then you still get healed and all your Dragon's Cure Pot charges are refilled, but enemies won't respawn until you actually rest.

Each Battle Flag you plant will also increase your Fortitude Rank by one point. Your Fortitude Rank represents the minimum number that your Morale can reach if you die. Normally if you die then your Morale will decrease, but it won't decrease below your Fortitude Rank - which makes it a good idea to hunt down all the flag locations in each region as you explore.

Marking Flags

A Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty screenshot of the player standing next to a flag.

Marking Flags are smaller than Battle Flags, and they can't be rested at - they can only be placed. So you only feel the effects of a Marking Flag once. Doing so will heal you fully and increase your Fortitude Rank. However, unlike Battle Flags, it won't replenish your Dragon's Cure Pot charges or respawn enemies in the region.

You also can't respawn at a Marking Flag - only Battle Flags serve as spawn points when you are slain.

That's all you need to know about Marking Flags, Battle Flags, and where to find them in every single region of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. If your appetite for finding and collecting oddities around the map isn't quite satiated with just flags alone, then do check out our guide on all the different Wo Long Shitieshou locations.

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