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Soul Hackers 2 and Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty included in the next batch of Game Pass additions

Cars, Tetris, and anime demons!

Time is flying by a little too fast in 2023, although it’s not all bad news as a new month means new Game Pass additions. Microsoft have announced the next four games hitting the service before March 3rd, alongside Atomic Heart which releases today. I was interested in the steely Soviet shooter until I read James’ review and saw that the protagonist yells “Crispy critters,” more than once - I think I’ll skip.

Here are the next batch of Game Pass titles:

  • Merge & Blade (Feb 28th)
  • Soul Hackers 2 (Feb 28th)
  • F1 22 (March 2nd)
  • Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty (March 3rd)

This is my first time hearing of Merge & Blade, not to be confused with Mount & Blade which is also on Game Pass. Merge & Blade is a hybrid between puzzle games and auto-battlers. Rounds will start with a Tetris-like mini-game, but instead of shapes, you’re guiding different unit types and merging them together. You then use your completed party to raid castles and kill monsters. Mixing - or merging - Tetris into a new genre is a recipe for success, so I’ll definitely be downloading this one.

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Developer Atlus have already bought three of their Persona games onto Game Pass, and they’re continuing that spree with their cyberpunk JRPG Soul Hackers 2. Despite releasing on all consoles and PC - a rarity for Atlus - Souls Hackers 2 still seemed to go under the radar. I’ve never touched the game, but turn-based combat always calls out my name. Plus, it’s about a group of hackers beating up demons in Japan. What's not to love?

F1 22 is the latest racing sim to join the service, courtesy of EA Play. A car enthusiast, I am not. Although, I’m sure this one’s just as glossy as the rest. Bonus points if the engines sound like popcorn exploding.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is the big new ‘Day One’ game. Team Ninja’s upcoming action game is set in a fantasy version of the Han Dynasty, complete with a demon infestation. Ed got to play an early demo of the game and he came away impressed by its aggressive combat and hulking pig man bosses.

If you’re playing Multiversus or Apex Legends you can enjoy free DLC packs as part of the Game Pass Ultimate Perks. We also have a list of games that are leaving the service on March 1st, so you may want to speed up if you’re midway through Octopath Traveler or Alien Isolation.

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