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Soulslike RPG Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will have one final demo before its release in March

Hackin' & slashin' through the Han Dynasty

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During the weekend’s Taipei Game Show, Team Ninja announced that Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty would receive one final demo on PC and consoles. The action-RPG’s demo will be available starting from February 24th at 8AM GMT/ 9AM CET/ 3AM ET until March 27th. The full game is slated to launch on March 3rd for PC, consoles, and Game Pass, so you can try out the game’s Chinese-martial arts combat before and after release.

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The final demo features the first two chapters of the game, both of which weren’t available in the previous demo. Team Ninja promises the demo will showcase the game’s fast-paced melee combat as you fight waves of demons through the Three Kingdoms. Wo Long’s co-op multiplayer is also included, so you can slay monsters with some friends, too. If you beat the demo and transfer your save file, you’ll be able to unlock the Crouching Dragon Helmet in the final release.

I somehow missed Team Ninja's Nioh series, although its Samurai combat and devilish monster designs did scream out at me. Maybe Wo-Long will be where I start since, well, it'll have a free demo. And it'll be on Game Pass too, so why the hell not?

In his hands-on impressions, our Ed was impressed by Wo-Long’s demanding combat and versatility in builds, even though it kicked his butt. “I had a fantastic time, and developed a real sense of mastery by the time I’d finished up,” he said. “I wouldn’t say it was a major elevation of the Soulslike genre, or a monumental switch-up from Nioh, but I hope it will be a welcome addition to the space.”

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will be available on March 2nd via Game Pass and Steam for £55/€70/$60. If you pre-order the game you’ll receive the bonus Zhuque Armor, and if you buy the game before March 16th you’ll get the Baihu Armour.

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