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Wo Long key locations: Where to find the Taoist's House Key and Taoist's Backdoor Key

Where to get the keys for the Village house in Wo Long

Looking for the keys to open the Taoist's house in Wo Long? Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty has various side quests to complete, but most of them come in the form of optional sub battlegrounds to complete. There are, however, some side quests that span multiple different regions - one of which is the trek to locate the various Taoist's House keys in the Village.

Once you reach the Village hub area you'll find a woman who has locked herself out of her house, and has lost her keys. It's well worth your while to help her unlock the house, because some top-tier rewards await you out back. To that end, here's exactly where to find the Taoist's House Key and the Taoist's Backdoor Key in Wo Long.

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Wo Long key locations

There are multiple important keys to find in Wo Long, but the two that may give you the most trouble are the Taoist's House Key and the Taoist's Backdoor Key, both of which are required to gain full access to the Village. Using these keys you can unlock the Taoist woman's house, and unlock the chests in her garden for an array of useful items.

Here's where you need to go to get both the keys for the house in the Village:

  • Taoist's House Key: In Search Of The Immortal Wizard battleground (Part 3).
  • Taoist's Backdoor Key: War's Flames Blaze Fiercely battleground (Part 5).

Read on for step-by-step instructions on how to find each key within these locations so you can unlock the woman's house in the Village.

Where to find the Taoist's House Key

The player in Wo Long stands before a corrupted Battle Flag. An arrow points to the location of the Taoist's House Key.
A top-down view of an area in Wo Long, with the location of the Taoist's House Key highlighted.

The Taoist's House Key is located in the In Search Of The Immortal Wizard battleground. Once you're in this region, progress to the final Battle Flag - the one in the cave, guarded by the Zhupolong (the giant crocodile demon).

From this Battle Flag, climb up the vines to the right and follow the path a short distance. Walk just beyond the left turn, and then check behind the small statue covered with vines on the left-hand side of the path. You'll see a golden loot drop which you can interact with to pick up the Taoist's House Key.

Head back to the Village and talk to the woman to unlock the front door of her house. Inside the house is a pair of Bronze Dual Swords that you can pick up, but you still can't unlock the back door. Talk to the woman again, and she'll tell you that you'll need to find the Taoist's Backdoor Key as well.

Where to find the Taoist's Backdoor Key

The player in Wo Long enters a large underground room with four pillars. An arrow points to the location of the Taoist's Backdoor Key.
The player in Wo Long turns a corner in an underground dungeon and finds a spider guarding the Taoist's Backdoor Key (both marked).

The Taoist's Backdoor Key can be found in the War's Flames Blaze Fiercely battleground, quite a bit later on in the game. Again, you must progress quite far into the level to find the key, but eventually you'll come across a long flooded underground room with four pillars in the centre.

This room is guarded by multiple patrolling Shuigui (mermaid demons), but you don't need to go far into the room. At the first set of pillars, turn left and follow the path around the corner. There's a spider which drops from the wall at the end, so make sure it doesn't take you by surprise.

Below the spider is a golden loot drop. Pick it up to obtain the Taoist's Backdoor Key. Once you've finished the region, return to the Village and talk to the Taoist woman to unlock the backdoor to her house.

How to open the chests in the Village

The player in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty opens one of the chests outside the Taoist's House in the Village.

Unfortunately, you still can't access the chests behind the woman's house in the Village! Talk to the woman again after unlocking the back door, and she'll suggest that she trades you the keys to those chests in exchange for some items that she is after.

Fortunately, the items that she's after are very simple and easy to come by - and you're likely to have them on your person already by this point in the game.

Here are the items you need to trade to open the chests:

  1. Oil Pot
  2. Anti-Freeze Soil
  3. Mystic Crane

By handing each of these items in turn to the woman, you can finally open the chests behind her house, giving you a large amount of Qi (in crystal form), some Rank 7 and Rank 8 Steel and Leather, and a smattering of fairly high-level equipment.

That was quite an involved and prolonged side quest, but hopefully tracking down the various Taoist's Keys in Wo Long was worth the effort in the end! If you want to make sure you don't miss anything else in these regions, then check out our guides on the Wo Long Marking Flag locations, and Wo Long Shitieshou locations.

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