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Wo Long Shitieshou locations: Where to find every Shitieshou and what to feed them

How to find every Shitieshou in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Looking for all the Shitieshou in Wo Long? If you've played beyond the first couple of levels in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, you may have come across what must be some of the cutest collectibles in any game. Shitieshou are little passive demons resembling pandas, which you may find scattered across the various battlegrounds of Wo Long - and they're well worth tracking down, because offering them the right items to eat will prompt them to reward you with loot drops.

If you're struggling to find more Shitieshou or you're worried about missing any of them, fear not. You can return to each level in the game after completing it, and with our Wo Long Shitieshou locations guide you'll be able to easily track down all 23 Shitieshou in the game. We'll also go over exactly what to feed a Shitieshou in order to obtain its reward, so read on for the answers to all your Shitieshou-related questions!

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Shitieshou locations

Shitieshou #1: The Valley Of Crying Wraiths

The player in Wo Long stands near a Battle Flag, with a circle and arrow marking the Flag and the path they must follow.
The player in Wo Long encounters their very first Shitieshou demon.

Once you reach the Battle Flag on the other side of a rickety bridge, head down the slope ahead which curves to the right, and you'll find the Shitieshou on your right as you come off the slope.

Shitieshou #2: The Demon Fort Of The Yellow Heaven

The player in Wo Long runs past a village well at nighttime, towards a marked room entrance.
The player in Wo Long finds a Shitieshou in a darkened room filled with boxes.

Head through the level until you reach part of the village with three wolves on the ground and an archer on a tower looking over them. Jump over the ditch and head into the house nearest the cliffside, the one filled with boxes. Destroy the boxes to find the Shitieshou.

Shitieshou #3: The Flying Swallow Of Heishan

The player in Wo Long heads through a wartorn village.
The player in Wo Long finds a Shitieshou demon hiding around a corner.

Just before you head through the large wooden gate, turn right and investigate the area just past the tower with the ladder. The Shitieshou is hidden in the near right-hand corner of this little space.

Shitieshou #4: In Search Of The Immortal Wizard

The player in Wo Long stands at the foot of a broken bridge across a pond guarded by mermaid enemies.
The player in Wo Long stands next to a Shitieshou demon in a bamboo forest.

Head through the lake guarded by mermaids, and on the other side, up a ledge, you'll find a Battle Flag. Follow the path just around the corner and a Shitieshou will be sitting down waiting for you.

Shitieshou #5: Shadow Of The Sacred Mountain

The player in Wo Long runs past a gazebo and down a path next to a Battle Flag.
The player in Wo Long comes across a Shitieshou hiding in amongst a bamboo forest.

From the Battle Flag next to the gazebo (the open pillared structure), head down the stairs and you'll see a Shitieshou nestled on the left in an small open bamboo structure.

Shitieshou #6: Fall Of The Corrupted Eunuch

The player in Wo Long approaches a scalable structure in a rainy corrupted garden.
A Shitieshou demon in Wo Long, resting atop a building awning.

From the corrupted garden area where you are invaded by Xu Xiang, head round the corner of the right-hand building and climb up onto the awning. Round the corner and jump over the gap to reach this level's Shitieshou.

Shitieshou #7: Escape From The Capital

The player in Wo Long heads through a corrupted garden, following a path highlighted by a yellow arrow towards the nearest building.
The player approaches a Shitieshou on the upper floor of a darkened room in Wo Long.

From the Battle Flag guarded by the halberdier enemy, head into the building to the side and up the stairs on your left. Follow the path on the upper level, jumping the gaps in the floor until you reach the Shitieshou just above the doorway where you entered the room.

Shitieshou #8: The Battle Of Hulaoguan Pass

The player in Wo Long stands next to a Ballista in a snowy castle area, with arrows pointing in the direction of the castle wall.
A Shitieshou inside a room in Wo Long.

This Shitieshou can be found inside a small room atop the castle wall near its centre, just below a Battle Flag. If you are travelling from the side of the wall guarded by a Zhuyan (the giant white ape), then the door to this room on your side will be closed so you'll need to skirt around the edge and go in from the other side. But if you're approaching from the opposite end, then the Shitieshou should quickly become visible to you.

Beware - the room is guarded by an enemy on the left as you enter.

Shitieshou #9: Centuries Of Glory Burned Away

The player in Wo Long stands next to a Battle Flag in the main road of a burning city, with an arrow marking the location of the nearest Shitieshou.
The player in Wo Long stands next to a Shitieshou.

While facing the Battle Flag in the middle of the street, turn left and then immediately left again. Follow the path to a dead end where you'll find a Shitieshou waiting for you.

Shitieshou #10: The Lost Sacred Artifact

The player in Wo Long stands on the edge of a watery area, with an arrow marking the location of the nearest Shitieshou.
The player in Wo Long stands in front of a Shitieshou panda demon.

This Shitieshou is located just a little way behind the powerful mermaid enemy in the water area of the level.

Shitieshou #11: Darkness Over The Hanshui River

The player in Wo Long stands in front of a Battle Flag on a road, with an arrow indicating the location of the nearest Shitieshou.
The player in Wo Long stands between a Battle Flag and a Shitieshou.

Head to the Battle Flag guarded by the two Fanatic enemies, and then head into the dilapidated building opposite the flag to find the Shitieshou for this battleground.

Shitieshou #12: Tyrant's Final Banquet

The player in Wo Long stands in the middle of a dungeon area, with an arrow marking the location of the nearest Shitieshou.
The player in Wo Long meets a Shitieshou in the middle of a red watery area.

Head through the level until you reach an area in the caves where you fight a Zhupolong (the large crocodile demon enemy). There is a Shitieshou sitting in the centre of this flooded area.

Shitieshou #13: Fate Of The Entertainer

The player in Wo Long stands in front of a gate, behind which is a Battle Flag. An arrow indicates the location of the nearest Shitieshou.
The player in Wo Long stands next to a Shitieshou in a bamboo forest.

Once you reach the first Battle Flag after the one where you spawn, head further into the bamboo garden and past the left side of the statue and you'll find the Shitishou sitting in the middle of the path.

Shitieshou #14: War's Flames Blaze Fiercely

The player in Wo Long stands in front of a Battle Flag on the outskirts of a courtyard.
The player in Wo Long looks down towards a dead end surrounded by ruins and rubble. At the end of the dead end is a Shitieshou.

After reaching the corrupted Battle Flag guarded by the spearman, turn a left corner just past the Battle Flag to find the Shitieshou in a dead end, guarded by another soldier.

Shitieshou #15: The Uninhibited Heart

The player in Wo Long stands atop a raised platform in the centre of an underground room. An arrow points to the location of a nearby Shitieshou.
The player in Wo Long stands at the top of a ladder. Behind the ladder is a Shitieshou panda demon.

Once you reach the large room with the lightning-firing warlock inside, head to the upper levels and jump across the tops of the pillars to reach the other side of the room, where you'll find a long ladder up to the surface. The Shitieshou is at the top of the ladder.

Shitieshou #16: The Way Of The Warrior

From the Battle Flag across the bridge in the village, you'll see a nearby ledge which you can hop up onto to find this level's Shitieshou location.

Shitieshou #17: Lu Bu, Mightiest Among Men

This Shitieshou is located in the room containing the giant statue. Once you reach the top level of this room, check behind the statue to find a wooden platform on which the Shitieshou is perched.

Shitieshou #18: Behold The Glaive Of Righteousness

In the foggy region of this level, use the wooden scaffolds to climb to the roof of the building located up the ladder and across the bridge. From the roof you can drop down through the hole into the building, and use the broken platforms around the edge of the wall to reach the Shitieshou.

Shitieshou #19: The Assault On Wuchao

This Shitieshou is easily spotted, right outside a doorway before you reach the region's second Battle Flag. There is a Leishi guarding the walkway which you'll need to defeat first.

Shitieshou #20: Let's Make Our Armor Shine!

Climb the ladder near the second Battle Flag and follow the path until you get to the raft. Unmoor the raft, then continue along the pier and up th ladder. At the very top of the boat is a small room with the Shitieshou on the left as you enter.

Shitieshou #21: Decisive Battle Of Guandu

Once you reach the final Battle Flag, you can drop down into the area below after the boss fight, where several items of loot are strewn about - along with this region's Shitieshou.

Shitieshou #22: Heirloom Seal Of The Realm

Head left through the gate from your spawn point, and once you defeat the Warlock in your way, climb the nearby platform and follow the path through the small opening to find the Shitieshou.

Shitieshou #23: Let's Make Our Halberds Shine!

The final Shitieshou is found at the end of the village in this level, sitting in a snowy clearing and guarded by three dogs.

What to give Shitieshou in Wo Long

The player in Wo Long feeds a Shitieshou for the first time.

When you meet your first Shitieshou in Wo Long, you'll be prompted to give it something to eat from your inventory - but what do you give them, and what will you get out of it?

Shitieshou eat any metal item or equipment, so the easiest way to feed is is to drop either a cheap, unwanted weapon or a basic Level 1 Steel Ingot at its feet. Walk right up to the creature so you're touching it, open your inventory, and drop one of these items on the floor. After a moment, the Shitieshou will gobble it up, and as it lays down to take a nap after feeding, it will produce an Accessory or other loot in exchange, which you can then pick up.

After feeding a Shitieshou, you'll be able to find it again at the village in Mt. Tianzhushan. They congregate in the bamboo area back around the right side of the village master's house.

So that's every single Shitieshou in Wo Long, where to find it, and what to feed it. If you're looking for another reason to explore the maps of Wo Long which gives you an added advantage against the game's bosses, then take a look at our Wo Long flag locations guide.

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