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Co-op voxel survival 'em up Enshrouded will release in January

Wingsuits and grappling hooks and building

A man stands by his homestead in Enshrouded.
Image credit: Keen Games

The open world co-op survival game I liked most was Wurm Online, in which every action was performed via a right-click menu and we needed a town meeting to discuss who would spend the hours necessary to flatten a small patch of land.

I therefore look at co-op survival game Enshrouded, with its voxel building, grapple hooks, wingsuits, and think: pah, what tomfoolery. This looks fun. Not at all my sort of thing. It might be yours, though. It's now got a January 24th release date and a new trailer, below.

The release date trailer for Enshrouded.Watch on YouTube

Enshrouded was the most played and most wishlisted demo during the recent Steam Next Fest, thanks to an eight-hour demo and the aforementioned fun. You can play with up to 16 players in a world, and work together to build underground bases, castles, or to charge and/or sneak around fighting enemies.

If combat is your thing, the fantasy world in which this is taking place has been beset by a "corrupting fog". It's by descending into this murk, this Shroud, that you'll find the strongest enemies.

When it launches in January, Enshrouded will be in Steam Early Access. Its Steam page explains that it'll be feature complete but they want to adapt to player feedback and expand the size of the world with new biomes and enemies post-release. They're hoping to leave Early Access within a year, too.

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