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How to slide cancel in Modern Warfare 3

Here's how you can nail that slide cancel every time in Modern Warfare 3

A screenshot of Modern Warfare 3 showing an Operator shooting an opponent at mid-range.
Image credit: Activision

Want to know how to slide cancel in Modern Warfare 3? Slide cancelling is back in full force in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and it's just as good as ever. Players who were frustrated with the slide cancel workarounds of Modern Warfare 2 are going to have a field day with the triumphant return of this heavily-used movement and momentum skill, which is essential for mastery of MW3's meta.

We've listed the details of slide cancelling below to help you get up and running in all of your Modern Warfare 3 matches.

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How to slide cancel in Modern Warfare 3

  1. Begin a Tactical Sprint.
  2. Press Crouch to start sliding.
  3. Press Jump to cancel your slide.
  4. That's a successful slide cancel. Now practice immediately aiming down sights as you jump out of the slide.

Essentially, the slide cancel is a rapid transition between three movements - sprinting, sliding, and jumping, with the jump interrupting the slide animation. Returning Call of Duty veterans should note that while Modern Warfare 3's slide cancelling is similar to previous games in the franchise, it's also streamlined. You can cancel out of the slide animation whenever feels appropriate, and unlike 2019's Modern Warfare, you no longer need to press Crouch one extra time. Slide cancelling also no longer resets your Tactical Sprint, meaning you can stay as speedy as ever.

Benefits of slide cancelling in Modern Warfare 3

Slide cancelling is a superb method for breaking out of a slide to fire away at a second's notice. Not only does this technique let you traverse the map at a faster clip, but it's also frenetic and can potentially throw enemies off guard. In a close firefight, expert movement makes the difference between landing shots and missing them. While sliding back and forth might seem awkward at first, it's worth putting in the practice and familiarising yourself with this technique, because opponents will surely use it against you if you don't.

Items and settings for slide cancelling in Modern Warfare 3

While slide cancelling, you might notice that your Operator's gun will shift to the side ever so slightly when you complete the movement. This is a potential distraction that can lead to missed shots, so for a more effective slide cancel, be sure to include the Tactical Pads in your loadout. These boots increase your slide distance and allow you to aim down sights simultaneously, meaning that your gun will be up and ready to go at the perfect angle at the end of your slide cancel. The Tactical Pads also offer a boost to stance transition speed and crouched movement speed, making the slide cancel feel fantastically smooth when you pull it off.

Finally, if you want to slide cancel as much as possible and hate having to initiate a sprint each time, go into Modern Warfare 3's input settings and turn Automatic Tactical Sprint on to make your life easier.

That's a wrap on how to slide cancel in Modern Warfare 3, so head out there with your preferred weapon and start practicing. If you want to research the best gun or attachments to complement your movement style, check out our guide to the best guns in MW3, as well as our list of the best loadouts in Modern Warfare 3.

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