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Best MW3 Bruen Mk9 loadout and class setup

Lay down suppressive fire with the best Bruen Mk9 loadout in Modern Warfare 3

A close-up of the Bruen Mk9 LMG in Modern Warfare 3.
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Looking for the best Bruen Mk9 loadout in Modern Warfare 3? An old friend of anyone who spent a significant amount of time playing Warzone, the Bruen Mk9 returns in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 with much gusto. Technically, the Bruen Mk9 is a light machine gun, but it's actually one heck of a heavy fella. Full of heft with a huge magazine and boasting the potential to provide neverending suppressive fire, this is the gun to use if you love unleashing a non-stop spray of bullets.

In this guide, we'll break down our favourite Bruen Mk9 loadout, including the best attachments, secondary weapon, perks, and all the equipment that you need to make this chonky LMG fire hard and fast.

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Why use the Bruen Mk9 in MW3?

Using the Bruen Mk9 almost feels like you've got a mini gatling gun in your hands, and if that sounds appealing, you should give this weapon a try. While a heavy gun attuned for laying down fire to cover your comrades isn't what all Modern Warfare 3 players are looking for when they go through the list of LMG, there's no doubt that the Bruen Mk9 occupies a unique niche. The sheer quantity of its gratuitous 100 rounds doesn't hurt, either. If you want to see how the Bruen Mk9 stacks up to the other weapons in MW3, check out our weapon stats guide.

Best Bruen Mk9 loadout in MW3

  • Muzzle: Colossus Suppressor
  • Underbarrel: DR-6 Handstop
  • Magazine: 60 Round Mag
  • Rear Grip: Stippled Grip Cover
  • Optic: Slate Reflector

This loadout will help the Bruen Mk9 fulfill the role it's best at - knocking enemies down like dominoes while you cover the rest of your teammates. We've chosen attachments that increase accuracy, recoil control, mobility, and handling, ensuring that the Bruen Mk9 is a little speedier than it would be otherwise. You may also notice that because of this emphasis on mobility, we've gone with a lower magazine quantity. If you don't mind a sturdy LMG weighing you down, we've presented a good alternate option in our magazine section below.

Muzzle: Colossus Suppressor

A colossal weapon deserves a Colossus Suppressor! This gargantuan muzzle increases sound suppression by making you undetectable by radar, and you'll also receive some modest improvements to accuracy and recoil control.

Underbarrel: DR-6 Handstop

The DR-6 Handstop is an all-around good choice for amplifying movement, bringing us improvements to four different speeds - aim walking, ADS, sprint to fire, and movement. You'll be looking at a small decrease in hipfire and tac stance spread and aim walking steadiness as a tradeoff.

Magazine: 60 Round Mag

This might be controversial, but we've decreased the Bruen Mk9's capacity with the 60 Round Mag. 100 shots is amazing, but you arguably don't need such a vast amount, and the increase to mobility and handling is worth it in our eyes. If you disagree and would rather keep the supreme firepower, forget the magazine attachment and instead go with a laser. We like the VLK LZR 7MW - just be aware that your laser will be visible while in ADS mode.

Rear Grip: Stippled Grip Cover

For improved flinch resistance to keep your Bruen Mk9 from bouncing like a bucking bronco, go with the Stippled Grip Cover. You'll see a nice improvement to accuracy that will make all the difference when protecting your teammates.

Optic: Slate Reflector

When you're carrying such extreme firepower, it helps to be able to see what you're shooting at. The Slate Reflector will give you an easy-to-read blue dot, but optics are largely down to personal preference, so feel free to experiment to determine what works for you.

Best Bruen Mk9 class setup: Secondary weapon

Striker or FJX Imperium.

It's worth pairing the Bruen Mk9 with a SMG like the Striker or a Sniper Rifle like the FJX Imperium. A Striker setup will help you dominate all close-to-mid range encounters, while the FJX Imperium gives you the chance to support your team in long-range situations with one-shot-one-kill sniping prowess.

Best Bruen Mk9 class setup: Perks and Equipment

Gunner Vest, Scavenger Gloves, EOD Padding, Battle Rage, Frag Grenade, Munitions Box.

For your class setup, take the Gunner Vest to carry another primary weapon like the Striker or FJX Imperium. Equip the Scavenger Gloves to load up on ammo from dead opponents, and put on the EOD Padding to ensure that you can survive any explosives that get tossed your way while you serve as a bulwark between your team and the opposition.

Take Battle Rage to ensure that your health stays as high as your ammunition, and a Frag Grenade will come in useful when bullets just aren't enough. The Munitions Box is our final choice here, offering us one more option to keep from running out of ammo.

Best Bruen Mk9 alternatives in Modern Warfare 3


If you want to go with a lighter LMG that still boasts incredible stopping power, we recommend checking out our current favourite - the Pulemyot 762. This gun balances the lightness of an AR or SMG without compromising on strength, and we like it so much we gave it top marks in our list of the best LMG in Modern Warfare 3.

That's all we've got on the Bruen Mk9. If you want to start investigating other weapons that are sleeker and smaller, take a peek at our guide to the best guns in Modern Warfare 3. Our guide to the best loadouts in Modern Warfare 3 is also a must-read as you rank up in multiplayer and unlock more attachments.

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