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Creator of Inscryption teases new game featuring a malevolent AI chatbot - here's a video

Daniel Mullins is plotting something with Geoff Keighley

A teaser image for a new project from Daniel Mullins, showing a figure with a screen for a face and a hat, next to a cartoon of a triangle with a face, looking dismayed.
Image credit: Daniel Mullins Games

Good news, fans of dire implications! Daniel Mullins, developer of RPS bestest best horror comedy Inscryption and the equally acclaimed/diabolical Pony Island, appears to be making something new.

The trail begins with noted announcement-purveyor Geoff Keighley sending Mullins the below Xeet about a mysterious video on Saturday 25th November. The video in question "isn't available any more" - if I were a betting man, which I only ever am when it comes to Soul Reaver announcements, I'd say it will be revealed in full at the The Game Awards next week on 7th December, though it's possible Mullins aficionadoes will unbreak the URL ahead of time.

Mullins has replied to Keighley's post, saying "that was NOT what I meant to send... try this?" and sharing a video of... a youtubehaiku-era meme of some animated dinosaurs. It's an old-fashioned ARG teaser campaign! By Gar, it's been a while.

Cover image for YouTube videoYee

PCGamesN has also detected some eldritch goings-on over in the Daniel Mullins Games Discord. Two new "Admin Assistant" and "AdBot" accounts have joined, the former "here to do a job", the latter "always watching".

AdBot is the name of a new "internet surfing assistant", developed by GameFuna, whose company motto is "Develop. Sell. Profit." You can learn all about it in the below video, posted on the Discord over the weekend, which is awash with encrypted hints of various kinds. Adbot apparently features "the built-in personality of one of our employees" and it absolutely won't leak all your personal information online or, I don't know, turn out to be some vicious demonic entity of some kind.

Cover image for YouTube videoGameFuna | AdBot

The user named Adbot is also taking questions on Discord. "This is so cute," reads one post from today. "It's like watching a bunch of kittens scramble over each other to climb out of a box. But they just keep falling over. So cute."

If you've played Mullins's previous games, all this will read like business as usual. Indeed, I'm already slightly worried the unannounced project will retread ground from Pony Island, which was also about interacting with a cursed computer. But a game woven around a malevolent chatbot would certainly be timely and who knows, perhaps it'll do what Inscryption did and turn into something completely different halfway through.

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