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Best MW3 ISO Hemlock loadout and class setup

Here's the best ISO Hemlock loadout in Modern Warfare 3

Screenshot of the ISO Hemlock in Modern Warfare 3
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Activision

Looking for the best ISO Hemlock loadout in Modern Warfare 3? The ISO Hemlock is a solid assault rifle with surprisingly low recoil. Thanks to the 'carry forward' system you can get the ISO Hemlock in Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

As one of the best assault rifles in Modern Warfare 3 currently, it's well worth picking up and trying for yourself. Join us as we go through the optimal build for the ISO Hemlock including all attachments and equipment you should choose to elevate it above the other ARs.

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Why use the ISO Hemlock in MW3?

Whilst there are stronger ARs in MW3, the ISO Hemlock provides consistently low recoil and excellent time-to-kill stats from mid-range distances, so much so that it received a hefty nerf in Warzone 2. Even so, it's a solid AR to wield, especially if you choose attachments like the ones listed below.

Best ISO Hemlock loadout in MW3

  • Barrel: Fielder-T50
  • Laser: FSS OLE-V Laser
  • Ammunition: .300 BLK Armor Piercing
  • Rear Grip: XTEN Grip
  • Optic: Cronen Mini Pro

The main aim of these attachment choices is to increase damage and accuracy and capitalise on the excellent time-to-kill stats of the ISO Hemlock to make every shot worth it. With these, recoil control will take a slight bump, but as the gun already has a great amount of control you wont feel this effect too much. As such, its well worth the trade off.

Screenshot of the ISO Hemlock stats in Modern Warfare 3
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Activision

Barrel: Fielder-T50

With the Fielder-T50 barrel, you'll see improved damage range, bullet velocity and recoil control (adding to the already excellent recoil control from the Iso Hemlock's starting stats). This will improve the gun's effective range from the starting mid-range point. Additionally, the Fielder-T50 gives a nice boost to hip fire accuracy which is always a good bonus if you find yourself in close-combat.

Laser: FSS OLE-V Laser

When using the FSS OLE-V Laser you'll see a significant boost to ADS speed, aiming stability and sprint-to-fire speed, further improving the already solid stats of the ISO Hemlock. Of course, if you're after a stealthier build it may be best to forgo a laser due to its visibility.

Ammunition: .300 BLK Armor Piercing

The .300 BLK Armor Piercing ammunition is a worthy addition to the ISO Hemlock due to its ability to buff stealth builds (if you're looking to maximise the ISO Hemlock's range potential). It also buffs the bullet penetration of enemies and vehicles.

Rear Grip: XTEN Grip

The XTEN Grip will add further ADS and sprint-to-fire speeds to the build. Although this is met with a slight dip in recoil control we think this is well worth it, as you should be able to afford a little decrease in return for the added mobility and handling stats.

Optic: Cronen Mini Pro

To round off the build, you can choose your favourite optic. We've opted for the Cronen Mini Pro, as a solid go-to choice.

Best ISO Hemlock class setup: Secondary weapon

Striker, Lockwood 300, KV Broadside.

As the ISO Hemlock is built for medium to long range, we suggest picking something punchy for close-range encounters like a shotgun or SMG. One of the best SMGs in Modern Warfare 3 currently is the Striker, due to its excellent damage output and range. Previously known as the UMP45, this SMG can pack a serious punch.

If shotguns are more your jam, consider the Lockwood 300 or KV Broadside, both guns have enjoyed a great measure of success in MW3, with the KV Broadside having enough mobility and recoil control to make it an accessible shotgun and the Lockwood 300 being capable of double damage when equipped with the Maelstrom Dual Trigger.

Best ISO Hemlock class setup: Perks and Equipment

Overkill Vest, Marksman Gloves, Covert Sneakers, Threat Identification System, Stun Grenade, Proximity Mine.

As we would suggest pairing the ISO Hemlock with a close-range weapon, we recommend either the Gunner Vest or Overkill Vest for that precious second primary weapon slot. In this case, the Overkill Vest is a great choice as it also allows you to reload whilst sprinting and gives you a substantial boost to weapon swap speed.

For your Gloves of choice, we recommend the Marksman Gloves for further reduced sway and flinch whilst ADS, improving the handling of the ISO Hemlcok even more. Additionally, if you're looking to cover mid to long-range distances, consider the Covert Sneakers which will eliminate the sound of your footprints, instantly increasing your stealth.

With this vest, you should be able to pick one Gear option. We think the Threat Identification System is a good pick due to the work we put into increasing ADS speed. With this equipment, you'll be able to pinpoint enemy locations while ADS, offers invaluable intel to teammates.

Lastly, you'll need solid Lethal and Tactical equipment choices to round off the loadout. We recommend choosing the Stun Grenade to slow enemies down whilst you power through and finish them off with your SMG or shotgun of choice. Plus Proximity Mines are useful for laying down deadly traps for enemies foolish enough to advance too closely towards you.

For more Modern Warfare tips and tricks, check out our guide to the best perks in-game for optimal loadouts.

Screenshot of a ISO Hemlock loadout in Modern Warfare 3
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Activision

Best ISO Hemlock Alternatives in Modern Warfare 3


If you're looking for an alternative AR, the MCW is currently one of the best assault rifles in Modern Warfare 3. This is due to its all-round solid stats giving it a reliable potential in most situations. Otherwise known as the ACR, this gun has a long history of delivering solid damage output at both long and close-ranged distances, depending on the loadout.

That rounds off our guide to the best ISO Hemlock build in Modern Warfare 3. Get a better idea of the full gun meta with our list of the best guns in Modern Warfare 3, and the best loadouts in MW3.

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